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ISIS Drones

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What was once thought of as a tool of only the US is no more. ISIS and the Islamic State are now using drones in the battle for Mosul. The fight against the radical Islamic ISIS fighters has developed into an asymmetrical battle where the latest tool is the remote controlled drone.

These are not the multi-million dollar technological tools like the US uses so efficiently. The drones being used in Mosul are sometimes crude and inexpensive devices. Drones are being used by both sides, the Iraqi forces as well as ISIS. These are off the shelf remote-controlled drones that can be purchased by anyone. The drones being used in the fight for Mosul can be ordered from the internet, toy stores, or picked up at outlets all over the world.

In the video, you see pictures from several ISIS drone attacks. The bomblets are remotely dropped and though they are relatively small, can still have a devastating effect. The danger from ISIS has evolved. Those fighting against ISIS not only deal with the unconventional ground battles but now our forces and those we support must look to the skies.

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