Christian Pro-Life Group Thrown Out of Coffee Shop by Gay Owner

“The video itself is embarrassing and appalling to anyone with even an ounce of tolerance.”

A group of Christian activists—Abolish Human Abortion—took a break from handing out pro-life literature in Seattle to enjoy a cup of coffee when the unthinkable happened. Apparently, another patron alerted management to the activities of the Christian group. The owner wasn’t having any of it. He descended on the group with some pretty sharp words. A video of the incident was posted to Facebook and has since gone viral. It shows the owner of the shop telling the group they must leave because their activist literature offends him. Armed with the group’s leaflet calling for the abolition of abortion, the gay man went on a rant that made no sense.

The owner began his weird tangent with, “I’m gay, you have to leave.” It would be comical were he not serious. The activists were addressing abortion, not gay people. I don’t get why the gay owner would be so passionately angered by pro-lifers. No matter how advanced society becomes, I’m pretty sure he will never have to worry about having a right to choose.

It’s a hostile display that has become the norm in the United States when people have opposing views and politics

This absurd incident shows the level of irrational logic that some of these crazy liberals put on display for the social media world. As if his already insane argument wasn’t enough, the gay coffee shop owner then posed a question to the group. He wanted to know if the group would be offended if he had sex with his boyfriend in front of them. Such a strange and pointless question/argument to pose in light of the issues at hand.

In any case, this gay coffee shop owner went off the deep end. I find it hard to defend a person who not only treats paying customers like garbage, but publicly humiliates them based upon their political beliefs. Even in a city like Seattle, pro-life groups have just as much right to disseminate their ideas and opinions as anyone else. It doesn’t matter what the majority of people believe, as it’s no secret Seattle is a liberal city. If this situation were reversed, there would be so much more public outcry. Businesses can’t even refuse to make gay wedding cakes these days without finding themselves pending an appearance before the Supreme Court.

So it seems that it’s perfectly acceptable for businesses to throw people out of their establishments for being pro-life. Even more disturbing, this gay owner used his own agenda to blast a group, not for being anti-abortion, but for their religious beliefs.

While Christian folks usually hold political beliefs that fall in line with religious ones, gayness wasn’t on Abolish Human Abortion’s agenda. They were handing out leaflets opposing abortion. Why attack them or even assume that the group is anti-gayness? The video itself is embarrassing and appalling to anyone with even an ounce of tolerance. It’s a hostile display that has become the norm in the United States when people have opposing views and politics.

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Angelina Newsom

Angelina Newsom is a U.S. Army Veteran. She has ten years experience in the military, including a deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. She studies Criminal Justice and is still active within the military community.

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