‘Thank a Police Officer Day’ During Difficult Events Nationwide

September 16, 2017 denotes national “Thank a Police Officer Day” throughout our beloved United States. Although not always a pretty business, policing in America during difficult events lately underscores the grit and gusto of our nation’s law enforcers. Confronting peril head-on while engaging life-saving daily is certainly a courageous feat.

Not every cop returns to the roll-call briefing room.

Sobering are the statistics of cops who kissed their children and spouse goodbye…never to return home after that last embrace. Ambushes on cops have become a norm. Disrespect of rule of law and disobedience of law and order are as prevalent as the oceans’ waters. Knee-jerk prosecutions of police doing their jobs the way they were taught and indoctrinated within legal parameters mostly resulted in acquittals.

Today, St. Louis police are entrenched, facing front-line fury after a policeman was acquitted by a jury. Yet, despite prosecutorial outcomes, careers end. Former police officer Darren Wilson is a prime example, living in seclusion after the Ferguson incident. It surely ended passions for police work.

Blue, grey, green, khaki…no matter the color uniform: You are appreciated.

Natural Forces

Texas and Louisiana were slammed by Hurricane Harvey. Florida, Georgia and S. Carolina were riddled by Hurricane Irma. The New England states await a brow-beating by Hurricane Jose brewing out in the Atlantic. Through all of these and similar catastrophes, police officers buttoned-up their families, buckled-up their duty belts, and deployed to far-away locales to safeguard countless citizens and properties.

Statuesque to Statue-less

Cops stood on front lines while Antifa, BLM, and other hate-filled groups of hostiles roamed, chanted, spat, cussed and commandeered the US Constitution. Indeed, the police took the usual cops-didn’t-do-anything stonings…while harboring the stand-down orders of so-called government leaders and some police executives. Although two state policemen perished during the Charlottesville, Virginia debacle, cops stood tall while statues started to fall in cities across the nation.

Duty Prevails

Despite all the negativity, cop-bashing, ambushes of police, and pathetic political figures readily throwing cops under the bus…far more good deeds were done by men and women whose oath dictated “Yes, I’ll help fight evil, defend our Constitution and be there to lend a hand!” Just take a pictorial walk down Hurricane Harvey lane and you will see the heart and soul of police officers doing The Job. Same is true for the myriad cops who traversed down to Florida, Georgia, and S. Carolina to help pick up the pieces left strewn by Hurricane Irma.

The gesture of badges on behalf of Americans deserves a planet of “Thank Yous” for those who fulfill a seemingly thankless role. As the upheaval in the US ensues, so do forward-motion police officers abating wrongs.

Blue, grey, green, khaki…no matter the color uniform: You are appreciated.

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Stephen Owsinski

Stephen Owsinski is an OpsLens Content Manager and Contributor. Owsinski is a retired law enforcement officer whose career included assignments in the Uniformed Patrol Division and Field Training Officer (FTO) unit. He is currently a researcher and writer. Follow Stephen on Twitter @uniformblue.

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