28 Celebrities That Support President Trump Despite Their Peers’ Divisive Rhetoric

Sure, the majority who speak out from Hollywood and the music industry, and even athletics remain opposed to President Trump, but not all celebrities have as much hate in them as Rosie O’Donnell.  In fact, as the election season has come and gone, President Trump has begun to sway the hearts and minds of many, despite what the mainstream media will tell you.  Here are 28 celebrities that have bucked the trend and either voted for Trump or are now giving him a chance.  You will be surprised with the ones at the end.

Tom Brady: It is only fitting that we start off with the on-field leader for the most successful and vilified team in the NFL.  New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady just secured his fifth Super Bowl ring, cementing him (most would say) as the best QB of all time.  Struggling to create drama this year around the highly-decorated football franchise, several media outlets turned their attention to the fact that Brady supported public-enemy number one, President Trump.

Jon Voight: Jon Voight has long been in the minority in Hollywood for his conservative beliefs.  That didn’t change this time around, either. The American movie star and father of Angelina Jolie star stands by the President.

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