20 US Military Aircraft That You Have to Know

The United States Military is the supreme peace-keeping and war-fighting apparatus on the entire planet. Since the Global War on Terror (GWOT) kicked off, our Special Operations Forces (SOF) have been in the limelight through their daring efforts to remove extremist leaders from the battlefield, as they should be.

We thought it imperative, however, to remind the world about some of our top aircraft that protect our nation and aid the GWOT on a daily basis, along with some ‘oldies but goodies’ that have since been retired.

See how many you know…

C-5 Galaxy: We know it’s not a sexy fighter jet, but we thought it necessary to first highlight the beast of an aircraft that often gets both our brave men and women and the equipment they need into the area of operations, the C-5 Galaxy.

This aircraft not only escorts loads of servicemen and women, but equipment, vehicles and pretty much anything else that you can imagine.  10 light armored vehicles at 12 tons each? No Problem. Six Apache helicopters? No problem. Two M1 Abrams tanks? No problem. This monster can carry anything as long as it fits and doesn’t weigh over 122 tons.

Want more?

You could fit an eight (8) lane bowling alley into the cargo hold of the C-5! And just for good measure, the distance of the first flight made by the Wright Brothers was less than the length of the C-5’s floor.

No matter how you stack it, squeeze it, configure it, the C-5 Galaxy gets the job done.

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