Lynch Probe Furthers A Troubling Saga

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Loretta Lynch continues to be subject of an investigation for her actions as Attorney General.

As Loretta Lynch continues to be the focus of yet another investigation tied to the misuse and misappropriation of an email server for communication of classified information, the matter has continued the saga that fueled a contentious presidential election.

But this matter is significant not because its ability to generate headlines and sell newspapers, rather it shows the level of betrayal so flippantly committed by many political leaders. Betrayal of the men and women who are beholden the powerful and commit their lives to working and serving the American public despite the roadblocks encountered at the hands of their elected and appointed leaders.

As new holes continue to appear in the former Attorney General’s story, congress will have yet again another chance to see that justice is done and show the hard working men and women who rely on classified information for protection that they matter.

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Brandon Blackburn

Brandon Blackburn is the co-host of the Talking Terrorism Podcast and a former CIA Counterterrorism Officer. During his time in the CIA, Blackburn served multiple tours in the Middle East; including Iraq, Jordan, and in Afghanistan. Since departing the agency, Blackburn co-founded Tip Of The Spear Productions and Consulting, where he and his team work on media productions aimed at telling the stories of law enforcement and military and also consults with law enforcement and private businesses on national security related issues. Additionally, he is a Consulting Producer for “Live PD” on A&E. Blackburn also holds a journalism degree from the University of Missouri and an MBA with a concentration in International Business.

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