Is Progressive Darling Jill Stein in Bed With Russia?

“Strange that someone so critical of America’s supposed violations is also willing to turn a blind eye to Russia and Assad.” 

Jill Stein is supposed to be a favorite of the Progressive Left, more deeply steeped in left-wing policy than even Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders. In a shocking turn of events, however, the progressive darling has found herself snagged up in the on-going probes over Russia’s interference in the 2016 Presidential elections. At the moment, Stein isn’t being targeted by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, but instead the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The Senate Panel has demanded access to any communications between Stein and Donald Trump Jr. For whatever reason, the Senate seems to think that Stein and Trump Jr. may have been working together. Stein has denied that any such communication or cooperation has ever occurred and has called it a “fake news frenzy.” The use of this term itself is interesting as labeling something “fake news” has been a favorite tactic of the Trump Administration.

Maybe it’s all a bunch of hot air, but Stein has already raised eyebrows over alleged Russian connections. Stein previously received some flak after attending a dinner  in Moscow that was attended both by disgraced former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Stein even crowded with Flynn and Putin around a table for dinner. Flynn, incidentally, set next to Putin, while Stein sat across the small table.

Like Trump, Stein loves to vent her thoughts on Twitter. She took to the social  media platform to blast the latest Russian connection accusations.

Labeling Russian interference as a “conspiracy theory” is itself a step that could raise eyebrows. At the moment, most of the American intelligence community, as well as many observers, believe that Russia interfered in the 2016 Presidential elections to some extent or another. It also appears that Trump was Moscow’s favored candidate, although the motives behind this potential favoritism remain unclear.

Further, while Stein has been a strong critic of the United States’ alleged human rights abuses, she has remained surprisingly mum on Russia and its own violations. During the 2016 Presidential race Stein urged working with Syrian President Bashar Assad and Putin to restore order. Certainly, peace in the Middle East is desirable, but both the Russian government and Assad’s regime have been accused of serious human rights abuses. Strange that someone so critical of America’s supposed violations is also willing to turn an eye to Russia and Assad.

Some believe that Stein and her Green Party may have actually been among the many “chess pieces” Putin was putting into play to assist Trump secure the Presidency. According to these (unproven) theories, Stein’s participation in the race could have been used to discredit Hillary Clinton, whom Stein frequently criticized on the campaign trail. This, in turn, could have divided the Progressive vote and lowered turnout amount liberals.

Of course, this might all turn out to be little more than hot air, and the Senate Panel could merely be exploring every conceivable lead. Stein may well end up cleared of any wrong doing or even suspicion in the days ahead. Either way, seeing the progressive favorite tied up in the Russian investigation is an interesting turn of events.

Brian Brinker

Brian Brinker is an OpsLens Contributor and political consultant. Brinker has an M.A in Global Affairs from American University.

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