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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and First Lady Throw Baby Showers for Jailed Inmates

“I have seen it all today. An officer was assassinated and they are having baby showers for criminals. How disgusting and disrespectful to our men and women in blue. New York’s Finest.”

While a looming pall over New York City cops and citizens hovers after the inexplicable assassination of police Officer Miosotis Familia, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and First Lady Chirlane McCray hosted the second in a series of baby showers for female inmates at Rikers Island, the Big Apple’s jail.

First Lady McCray played hostess to women incarcerated until trial or serving sentences, and opened the gates for respective children to be ushered in for frolick. How is this program funded? Tax payer dole throws the party. If you did not know of the utter contempt New Yorkers have for their mayor, you may be getting a few glimpses here. The way my Brooklyn-based family describes it, the contempt is as deep as the Earth’s core.

While tax dollars could purchase technology and bulletproof glass to effectively prevent ambush-style murders of NYC cops like the tragic incident involving police Officer Miosotis Familia, other programs are getting funding and many do not agree with how money is used under the reign of Mayor de Blasio.

One Facebook commenter posted directly to the Mayor Bill de Blasio page: “This is stupid. Save the money and put bullet proof windows in the cop cars.” Another commenter wrote “Why do criminals get better treatment under Liberal rule?” Still another posted “I have seen it all today. An officer was assassinated and they are having baby showers for criminals. How disgusting and disrespectful to our men and women in blue. New York’s Finest.”

The New York Post, which happens to be more pro-police than NYC Mayor de Blasio, published an article in which slain Officer Familia’s family blasted the mayor for not doing enough to protect the NYPD police officers from potential danger. Specifically, the newspaper reported that de Blasio’s administration earmarked $10.4 million for bulletproof glass to be installed in its police fleet, but that project seems to be arriving via pony-less express. Only 500 vehicles have been modified. You’d think life-saving measures would be at a Mach-9 pace, no exceptions.

We now have another police body to bury…because bullet-resistant glass was not installed yet and a lone assassin successfully seized that advantage.

Swearing-In Ceremony Absence

Any elected official charged with political affairs of his city on behalf of millions of citizens and the life-dedicating officers who serve and protect them ought to exude pride and exercise dignity and responsibility by attending the swearing-in ceremony for 524 courageous NYPD police recruits.

Well, where was he? He was not at one of the baby showers. He was not genuflecting at the crime scene where police Officer Miosotis Familia was slain in a New York minute on July 5. He was not even nearby at the 46th Precinct to console Familia’s distraught and grief-stricken colleagues, her children and family, or members of the community. No, none of those would-be honorable expectations of leadership came to fruition. They couldn’t…because he opted out.

Mayor Bill de Blasio jettisoned to Hamburg, Germany at the same time Familia’s children, kin, friends, neighbors, and blue family shed tears at a make-shift vigil outside the front doors of the 46th in the Bronx, NY. The entirety of the 58,000-strong members of the NYPD did not like that one bit, blasting de Blasio for his disordered priorities. And who could blame them?

Cancelling G20 plans in Germany and attending to any and all needs of his city’s police force would have been a two-fold way of NYC’s mayor to show care, concern, and compassion at a critical time. Instead, de Blasio took to the friendly skies while leaving the unfriendly gang-permeated terrain in the Bronx one continent behind…to protest the G20 Summit.

Part of de Blasio’s itinerary was to visit his son, Dante, who is studying abroad (interning) in Berlin, with Yale University identification and a NY State driver license in his pocket. I’d never deny any father the opportunity to see his child. However, given the gravity of Officer Familia’s death and myriad crushed hearts, I’d think one’s offspring understands his parent’s monumental mayoral status and inherent responsibilities thus comprehending and embracing the necessity for a postponed visit.

Blue for Blue

Ultimately, despite Mayor de Blasio’s seeming indifference to the NYPD police force, blue for blue always comes through. Officer Familia’s family continue to express their deep gratitude to the men and women in blue who stepped up, ensured they are cared for, and offered themselves as collateral during such unspeakable loss. Per the New York Post, Familia’s sister Adriana Sanchez said, “I am so grateful to the NYPD, they’ve been so supportive. Everything we need they have been supplying us. God bless them and keep them safe always.”

Indeed, keep them safe always.  Like true-blue cops, someone’s needs are fulfilled without expectation, a testament to service. Consistent with the political persona he has exuded since Day One, the NYC mayor is elsewhere.

By the way, it was also reported that Officer Familia’s killer was a supporter of Hillary Clinton and posted urgings for others to vote for her. Like Hillary, the assassin was also openly anti-police. Clinton ties go way back. De Blasio was regional director of HUD during the Bill Clinton administration. Interestingly, running as a candidate for New York State senate, Hillary Clinton employed Bill de Blasio as her campaign manager. The two were often seen together and even shared some race-fueled banter in public. The hypocrisy is uncanny. Birds-of-a-feather, I suppose, but definitely not like the ornate and opulent span of a peacock.

In a written statement to Fox News, the New York City Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) president, Ed Mullins, bellowed a scorched-earth message for Mayor de Blasio that could be heard all across the nation, maybe even in Germany:

“The city is in mourning and experiencing a time of great hardship. If it ever needed steadfast leadership, it is now. Instead, the mayor opted to fly a continent away – far from the tears and the reverberations of a citizenry gripped by despair and uncertainty. It makes one wonder if feckless and guileless leadership really is leadership at all. In the case of Mayor de Blasio, the answer is a resounding no.”

Union boss Mullins minces no words. He speaks on behalf of his 13,000 member union which translates to 13,000 fewer endorsements when/if Mayor de Blasio bids for reelection. As a Democrat incumbent back in 2013, de Blasio ran for mayor with the platform of ending NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy. Prior to his bidding for mayor, a federal judge ruled the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy was “unconstitutional.” Subsequently, then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg petitioned the Second Circuit US Court on appeal. Not only did the 2nd Circuit concur with Bloomberg, it reversed Judge Shira Scheindlin’s ruling and removed her from the case altogether. Clear and present “bias” was their main reasoning.

Nevertheless, it appears then-mayoral candidate de Blasio seized the advantage of that changing tide and ran for office under the premise he’d seek to reinstate banning stop-and-frisk.

Heck, even the NYC corrections officers union kicked-up its heels and echoed Mayor de Blasio is an irresponsive leader, citing he has effectively turned his back on them and threatened to close Rikers Island. Instead of listening to their concerns to remedy problems and alleviate woes, they contend he turned a blind eye to an 18 percent spike in violence among inmates thus endangering corrections officers.

“Since Mayor de Blasio has refused to listen to our grave concerns about the 18 percent increase in jail violence, we’re taking our message directly to registered voters across the city,” Corrections Officers Benevolent Association President Elias Husamudeen told the New York Post.

Besides the tax dollars expended on the baby showers for incarcerated women, Mayor de Blasio runs NYC as a sanctuary city, saying, “As mayor of the ultimate city of immigrants, I have a front-row seat to the miracle of America in action.” He said that on July 4, a day before Officer Familia was assassinated. She, too, had a front-row seat…until a deranged killer decided she was not worthy because of her uniform. My point here is sanctuary cities cost millions in otherwise avoidable tax dollar expenditures.

And although Familia’s killer was not deemed an illegal immigrant, he was nonetheless roaming the streets when ample markers existed to indicate he should not have been. He roamed while a plane to Germany was in the works.

Incredulously, Mayor de Blasio’s birth name is “William Wilhelm, Jr.” according to his Wikipedia and two other sources I came across. Why is that?

I’m not much for name-calling but many New Yorkers refer to their mayor as “Big Bird.” He happens to be a very tall man. The real “Big Bird” I grew up to know was also tall, with floppy feet, a bright yellow coat, and was always on Sesame Street in NYC. He never left the block, was always there to listen to anyone’s concerns, and consoled everyone under his wing. The real Big Bird had no inclination to partake in Autobahn driving or a bratwurst with a side of sauerkraut. Nope. He was unpaid, wholly sympathetic, and extremely loyal to folks on the block.

Change around the Corner

Among all this guff and a trip to Germany, a ray of sunshine is breaching the gloom. Retired NYPD detective Bo Dietl, famed for an illustrious career tabulating over 1400 arrests, recently threw his hat in the mayoral ring. Yes, “Bo for Mayor” is here and, as an Independent, he is running against de Blasio in 2017. With that, hordes of New Yorkers and presumably the entirety of the NYPD and their families stand behind Mr. Dietl’s candidacy.

Pertaining to de Blasio flying to Germany, candidate Dietl’s sentiments are as follows:

“The mayor should be ashamed. It’s a disgrace that the mayor has so little regard for a police department under siege. He’d rather protest and eat bratwurst with his lefty friends in Europe. The real victims of this political posturing are the people of New York, our invaluable Dominican community and other minority communities that feel the impact of this mayor’s ineptitude each day.”

Loud and clear, sir! Loud and clear.

Badge #7370

Someone else who was extremely loyal and sympathetic to the public in her community was Officer Familia. It is no surprise she formerly served with the American Red Cross. It is warming to know she opted to work midnight shift so as to allow more time with her three children…and enable her to care for her cancer-stricken 86-year-old mom. She stayed where she was needed; she did what was humane. She was a cop’s cop.

Funeral services for NYC police Officer Miosotis Familia will be held Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 10:00 hours at the World Changers Church, Bronx, NY. Bittersweet and befitting that the World Changers folks will eulogize a valiant world changer…adorned in her Class-A uniform donning badge #7370.

Stephen Owsinski

Stephen Owsinski is a Senior OpsLens Contributor and retired law enforcement officer whose career included assignments in the Uniformed Patrol Division and Field Training Officer (FTO) unit. He is currently a researcher and writer. Follow Stephen on Twitter @uniformblue.

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