The Conservative Warriors of Generation Z

“It is painfully obvious that the communism lovers in our institutions of higher education have had the run of the asylum and wreaked havoc.”

Many liberal talking heads have made a big deal out of the supposed demographic wave facing Republicans and conservatives as the nation morphs into a more diverse population. Growth rates amongst minorities have begun to exceed those of whites.  The narrative goes like this — as the white, European-based population diminishes, America will become less conservative and more socialist, demanding more and more free stuff. The rich will just have to pay for it — in other words, the takers will get more from the makers.

While the demographic trend may be true, the pre-conceived outcome is anything but.

I’m not one to forecast a ‘conservative century’, but I will say the notion that the up-and-coming generation largely believes in socialism is a falsehood.

First of all, many minority groups have historically held conservative values.  Although this trend has diminished to some extent, due to the brainwashing and self-imposed victimization of minority youth, it has not gone away entirely. Hispanics go to church; they believe in hard work. I’ve know many Hispanic businessmen and families who are angry at the open border crowd pushing for illegal immigration and benefits for millions of undocumented immigrants.  They did not go through the process legally as many immigrants have and this annoys successful minority entrepreneurs.

There is also the fact that ‘Obamanomics’ and social welfare policies did nothing to help the minority groups he promised to assist.  Aside from increasing dependency on government, every other statistic for prosperity for minorities went down.

Many minorities are starting to see this. I recently overheard one minority veteran tell someone at the VA that the government aid was helpful but what he really needed was a job. Trump is right — the dignity of work is a beautiful thing to behold.

The election of President Donald J. Trump has been a game changer when considering the political support for one side of the spectrum.  The identity politics of the Left has done nothing but cause election losses. That is a fact. The white, working-class, middle-American will be missing for a long time in the Democratic Party.  Hillary Clinton made it perfectly clear that the Left did not care about flyover country during the election.  The overt racism of Black Lives Matter and other minority hate groups has further cemented this condition. What does the Left offer the hard-working American? It doesn’t offer a job. It doesn’t offer dignity.  It just offers derision of other Americans and government dependency.  This is not what American wants — hence the election of Donald Trump.

Trump sure has delivered, on his promises that is.  Jobs are being created; economic optimism is soaring; plants are opening; coal mines are being dug; and business investment is growing again.  I read today that Trump will push for America to be the energy capital of the world.  The optimism is only going to grow.  The business climate is only going to get better.

Americans have seen the results of a decade of socialist, liberal, culturally Marxist policies, and they don’t like it.  But most of all, the policies don’t work.  All Obama and his minions brought to the table was failure, massive failure.  Failure in government, failure in the economy, failure in foreign policy and national security, and failure in the ability of a citizen to realize the American dream.  Americans have had enough. Of course, there will always be those who choose to be dependent on government and live off the largess of others. But my gut tells me as Trump makes America great again, many of those people will see the light and actually get a job.

The younger generation, who is now moving to college age and called Generation Z, have seen all of this happen.  They have seen their parents struggle.  They have seen their parents lose their dignity.  They have seen their parents becoming dependent on the local commissar for a handout.

They will also see the opposite — they will see the fruits of capitalism.  They will see factories open.  They will feel the optimism.  There will be no where else to attribute this change in circumstances except to Trump and conservative policies.  America is becoming one big learning lab for its younger citizens.

In addition to the national policies changing the face of America, there will be changes in our university and educational systems.  We are at the zenith of cultural Marxism right now in this country.  It is painfully obvious that the communism lovers in our institutions of higher education have had the run of the asylum and wreaked havoc.  There will be changes here.  I don’t know what form it will take or how it will happen, but the groundswell of public outrage and alumni queasiness about the lack of freedom of speech on campus is coming to a head.

There will be consequences.

It is not okay for speech to be restricted anywhere in our educational process. It is not okay for due process to be withheld from male victims of rape accusations. It is not okay for tenured professors to spew racist and communist propaganda at our young people. This will change, I am confident of it.  The pendulum is slowly starting to swing the other way. Generation Z will face a smaller sea of Neo-Bolsheviks as they enter college. This is a good thing.

There was a study released recently which delved into the political beliefs and tendencies of Generation Z as they move to take the place of the Millennial generation.  There could not be a more striking divide between the ‘live in your parent’s basement’ generation and the new group coming of age.

The study concluded that Generation Z is the most conservative since the end of World War II.  This is a stunning revelation and I believe it is due to the factors I have outlined above.  They have been able to observe the two different views of the world, the two ways of living your life as a taker and a maker.  They want to be the latter.

Perhaps it is deeper and more simple than that.  Perhaps they have seen that the Democratic Party — the Left, the ‘progressives,’ the cultural Marxists, the racists, whatever you want to call this rag-tag opposition to President Trump and Make America Great Again — have nothing to offer that will make their lives more successful or fulfilling. Perhaps Generation Z has seen with their own eyes that the Democratic Party is nothing more than a huge, stinking mountain of organized crime, that desires to steal from other’s hard work and vision.

Maybe that is why even the term ‘hard work’ is now deemed a ‘micro aggression’ by these idiots.

Yes, I believe that America is about to experience a generation of success and prosperity, driven by a reawakening of conservative principles.

Before the election, I did a book signing in a hotel near an airport.  The young manager of the place was an Indian man.  He came over and started asking me questions from time-to-time when the crowd thinned down.  The conversation quickly turned to politics and he guardedly asked me my opinions on Trump and Hillary — I gave them to him.

As I was packing my things to leave an hour or so later, he came over and quietly informed me that he was voting for Trump. “My family did things legally,” he declared, “I can’t stand the Democrats.”

L. Todd Wood

L. Todd Wood is an OpsLens contributor, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is “Currency.” Todd is a national security columnist for The Washington Times and has contributed to Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, the New York Post, the National Review, Zero Hedge, The Jerusalem Post, and others. He is also Editor-in-Chief of Tsarizm.com. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.

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