Death of al-Baghdadi Would Be a Win, but Would it Matter in This War on Terror?

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While unconfirmed, al-Baghdadi’s death would certainly be a blow to the terror group, but not a knockout.

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If reports this week of the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi are true, though always a win for the war on terror to remove the hardest of ideologues from the battlefield, with the size of the ISIS footprint on a global scale it begs the question- how much does it matter?

Al-Baghdadi ruled with the mantra to his disciples to go forth and multiply. And often times little other coordination nor approval was required if the attack simply inflicted terror in the name of jihad against the west. And as aggressive air campaigns targeting leaders such as al-Baghdadi have required them to remain underground and greatly limited their communications down the chain, it is likely al-Baghdadi had very little direct contact with foot soldiers for quite some time.

Of added interest to these reports it the role in which Russia played in his death and the ramifications, if any, that might have with its relationship and involvement in the war in Syria and with the United States.

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