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This List Of Attacks Against Conservatives Is Mind Blowing

“Then, shots ring out as a man gorged on media hysteria attempts to slaughter Republican congressmen while they practice for a charity baseball game.”

By Dave Brooks and Benjamin Decatur; The Daily Caller:

A wave of liberal rage has marked the last 11 months since the rise and subsequent election of President Donald Trump.

Antifa protestors clad in black masks shut down college campuses, destroy property and indiscriminately attack those they disagree with, whether women or the elderly. Meanwhile, CNN fires Kathy Griffin for taking photos with a bloody replica of the president’s decapitated head.

Amid this backdrop, The Huffington Post publishes an article calling for the execution of Trump and “everyone assisting his agenda.”

Then, shots ring out as a man gorged on media hysteria attempts to slaughter Republican congressmen while they practice for a charity baseball game.

The aggression since Trump’s nomination is difficult to enumerate, but nevertheless, The Daily Caller News Foundation pored over media reports to compile a close but non-exhaustive list of violent acts against conservatives in months following the Republican National Convention.

In creating the list, The DCNF reviewed numerous articles detailing attacks and violent threats against conservatives and Trump supporters. While there are examples of anonymous threats, The DCNF chose to include only those that resulted in the cancelling of events and two to members of Congress deemed credible. Some instances of violence between rival protestors were not included as it was difficult to ascertain who initiated the event.

To see the list of attacks visit The Daily Caller.


Shooting By Sanders Supporter is a Harsh Reminder of the Vitriol in Politics

By Brian Brinker; OpsLens:

By now, you already know that Republican lawmakers were the target of a brutal and unjustifiable shooting in Virginia. House majority whip Steve Scalise was shot several times and has been hospitalized. He appears to be in critical but stable condition. Several other Republican lawmakers witnessed the carnage.

The shooter, “socialist democrat” James Hodgkinson, wasn’t so lucky, succumbing to wounds received in a shootout with police officers. This shooting is a harsh reminder of the growing vitriol in American politics where violence between liberal and conservative hard-liners is only becoming more common, with both sides committing inexcusable violence.

The shooting occurred during an early morning baseball practice. The shooter, Hodgkinson, appears to have been an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter and opposed President Trump. His choice of targets was almost certainly not random and was likely premeditated. Hodgkinson is from Illinois but has been staying in the DC area for at least six weeks.

Besides Scalise, two police officers were wounded during the shooting. Senator Paul Rand, who witness the event, has hailed the police officers and credited them for preventing a far worse tragedy. The police officers present were there to guard Scalise.

Hodgkinson already had a track record with the police before the shooting. He had previously been charged with assault and battery for punching a woman in the face with a closed fist. He also confronted that woman’s boyfriend with a shotgun, reportedly firing one shot in the air. Apparently, he also physically abused his daughter, and police were called when he started shooting several pine trees on his property. Neighbors were worried that bullets would strike nearby homes.

Hodgkinson also claimed to be a “democratic socialist” on his social media profiles. Writing to the Belleville News-Democrat, he stated, “I don’t ever again want to hear how great a president [Ronald Reagan] was. All he did was give tax breaks to the rich and put the rest of the country (or at least 13.1 percent) out of work.” He added, “To think the Republican Party can call this man their idol is un-American. It’s all about the money.”

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