Clash Between Turks and Kurds Demonstrates the Complexities of the Muslim World

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For all those Monday morning quarterbacks on Middle East policy…it’s far more complex then you could ever  imagine.

As Turkish President Erdogan’s visit to the U.S. was mired by the brutality his bodyguards inflicted on Kurdish protestors, it underscores the complexities of Islam and the Middle East as a whole. Complexities that present roadblocks to peaceful democracies and ones that should show America how far removed we are from truly understanding their world.

Brandon Blackburn

Brandon Blackburn is a Senior OpsLens Contributor and former CIA Counterterrorism Officer. During his time in the CIA, Blackburn served multiple tours in the Middle East; including Iraq, Jordan, and in Afghanistan. Since departing the agency, Blackburn co-founded Tip Of The Spear Productions and Consulting, where he and his team work on media productions aimed at telling the stories of law enforcement and military and also consults with law enforcement and private businesses on national security related issues. Additionally, he is a Consulting Producer for “Live PD” on A&E and co-hosts and produces the Talking Terrorism Podcast, along with reformed terrorist Mubin Shaikh. Blackburn also holds a journalism degree from the University of Missouri and an MBA with a concentration in International Business.

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