Emotional Drama About Korean War to Hit Big Screen

The emotional story of 28 Americans on their own with Republic of Korea (ROK) forces during an assault by thousands of Chinese will soon hit the big screen. Based on the book Lost Bastards by L. Todd Wood, the movie will be produced by Lost Bastards Productions and be shot in Korea. Acclaimed director/producer Christopher H. K. Lee will be involved in the project.

“South Korea has developed into a world leading economy not long after the Korean War. However, the war has not been completely over, yet it is becoming a ‘forgotten war’ among young generations,” Lee said. “Our perceptions about the issues of the war, national security, and unification are changing. It is our duty and imperative to give our voice of the history of the Korean War for the sacrifices made by our fathers as to how we wish to remember them.”

Lee has won numerous film awards and is an expert on creating content on “The Forgotten War.”

Lost Bastards will tell the story of 28 American soldiers who were embedded with ROK troops on Hill 433, which is now in the DMZ on the Korean Peninsula. They had been placed there secretly to test “battlefield radar” in combat conditions. Unknown to the regular US Army, which pulled back in the face of the Chinese onslaught, the GIs were left to fend for themselves for two weeks before being rescued. Fourteen of the brave soldiers never made it home. One 21-year-old corporal named Richard Carpenter received a battlefield commission when the American command staff was killed in an artillery strike.

Hill 433

Another wrinkle to the saga is that Corporal Carpenter was fighting his way home to a sick child in Germany. There is a romantic aspect to this story as well. Christopher H. K. Lee is just the producer to make the audience feel this emotion.

“We are very excited to have Christopher H. K. Lee involved in the Lost Bastards project,” L. Todd Wood, author of the book, said. “He brings a wealth of talent and passion that will ensure this movie honors the men of Hill 433. This story needs to be told but told well. Christopher is the man to do that.”

“What these men did should never be forgotten; they deserve our everlasting respect and gratitude.” said Richard Carpenter, executive producer and president of Lost Bastards Productions. He is also the son of the deceased hero of the story.

Lost Bastards will be in production during 2018 and released the following year. Signed copies of the book are now 20% off in honor of the film being produced and can be bought here.

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