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2017 Terror Forecast for US, Europe ‘Alarming,’ Says House Report

By Brooke Singman, FoxNews:

The U.S. and European terror forecast for 2017 ‘looks alarming,’ in part because of increased pressure on ISIS and other terror groups on their home turf, according to a monthly assessment by House lawmakers.

The House Homeland Security Committee’s February “Terror Threat Snapshot” report cited two homegrown terror attacks in January and officials predicted efforts to crush foreign terror groups, while laudable, could spur more attacks to American soil.

“At this rate, the forecast for 2017 looks alarming,” warns the report, citing an “unprecedented spike in the homegrown terror threat, primarily driven by the rise of ISIS.”

Officials predicted necessary efforts to crush foreign terror groups could actually spur more attacks on Western soil. Coming attacks in the U.S. and Europe could be carried out by so-called lone wolves as well as homegrown terrorists who return from fighting in such places as Iraq, Syria and Somalia.

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