Black Hawk Helicopters Will be Part of Super Bowl Security

By Andrea Rumbaugh, Chron:

Houstonians may glimpse UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters monitoring the skies on Super Bowl Sunday.

Customs and Border Protection will have three Black Hawks prepared to intercept unauthorized planes if they fly into restricted areas. Also assisting in the agency’s gameday security efforts are three Cessna C-550 Citation jets and two Airbus AS350 helicopters.

The government agency took reporters and photographers on a ride Thursday afternoon to showcase the Black Hawks and discuss its security efforts.

From 4 p.m. to midnight Sunday, air travel will be restricted by the Federal Aviation Administration in a 30-mile radius around NRG Stadium.

To fly in the perimeter of this area, pilots need to be in contact with air traffic control. The core, 10-mile radius around NRG Stadium is a stricter no-fly zone. Very few aircraft will be allowed in this area. They include planes with scheduled airlines, military aircraft, air ambulances and law enforcement aircraft.
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