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Trump Has New FBI HQ as Leverage Over Sanctuary County

By Edmund Kozak, Lifezette:

Prince George’s County, Maryland, is one of two locations vying to be the future location of a brand new, $1 billion FBI headquarters.

The county is competing with Springfield, Virginia, to host the new headquarters. The possible locations for the new complex in Prince George’s County are Greenbelt and Landover.

The region is famous for its crime and corruption — on Jan. 5, two PG County officials were charged in a liquor license bribery scheme and only five days later, former Maryland Delegate and PG County Council member Will Campos pleaded guilty to federal bribery charges in a different case.

But Prince George’s County also happens to be a “sanctuary” jurisdiction, making its consideration for the location of the new FBI headquarters — which is slated to lease offices to agencies involved in immigration enforcement — all the more paradoxical.

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Trump Has New FBI HQ as Leverage Over Sanctuary County


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