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“To My Democrat Friends…the World Just Changed” – How Joel Ross Brilliantly Summarized Trump’s Next Four Years

By Bookworm:

Every single day, I’m more optimistic about President Donald Trump. I strongly believe he is going to be the right American leader for the massive, and definitely dangerous, changes that are taking place in the world today.

One of the best analyses and predictions I’ve seen about a Donald Trump presidency in a brave, scary new world, comes from Joel Ross, a Democrat who deeply dislikes Trump. Because this great, possibly prescient rant, seems to be from an email that’s making the rounds, rather than from a post (I can’t find the post), I’m reprinting it in its entirety here.

I think you’ll find the rant as fascinating as I did because it takes a clear-eyed look at Europe and the Middle East and it acknowledges that the same traits that can make Trump a mean SOB in the business world also make him the best guy to represent American interests in a dangerous, fluid world:

To read rest of Joel Ross’s fantastic rant visit Bookworm Room.

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