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Chuck Schumer Made The Mistake Of Scolding Tom Cotton About Where He Was 8 Years Ago

By Jay Caruso, Red State and Stephen F. Hayes, The Weekly Standard:

Chuck Schumer is a big time showboat politician. The joke on Capitol Hill is, “The most dangerous place in DC is between Chuch Schumer and a television camera.” It’s true. Having followed Schumer’s career since he was in the House of Representatives, it is not much of an exaggeration. Schumer is happy to preen whenever he can, and now that he’s the Senate Minority Leader, we’ll see him television a lot.

Schumer got into a verbal altercation with Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton over the nomination of Mike Pompeo to lead the CIA. Schumer asked for a delay of Pompeo so that Senator Diane Feinstein could attend the hearings of both Pompeo and Trump’s choice to be Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Republicans agreed but under the condition that Pompeo would be confirmed on the day of the inauguration.

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