House Armed Serviced Committee Chairman: Here’s How We Will Make America’s Military Great Again

By Chairman Mac Thornberry:

President Trump inherits an increasingly dangerous world and a military that has been severely damaged in recent years.  Funding national security, which used to be a bipartisan priority, has become part of the political gamesmanship that so frustrates the American people.  Now the new president and the new Congress have a pivotal opportunity to turn things around, and there is much to do.

President Trump has made rebuilding our military strength one of his top priorities.  More money is certainly required, but so is reform of the Pentagon and how it does business.

Over the past two years, the House and Senate Armed Services Committees have made defense reform a very high priority.  We have put the military retirement and health care systems on a more sustainable footing. We have enacted the most significant organizational changes to the Pentagon since Goldwater-Nichols and have mandated reductions in overhead, in flag officers, and in the number of civil servants. We have passed two rounds of deep acquisition reform designed to get more value for the taxpayer dollar.

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