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Germany Warns Donald Trump’s Presidency ‘Marks End of Old World Order’

By May Bulman, The Independent:

Germany’s foreign minister has said the inauguration of Donald Trump marks the end of the old world order, warning that there is a “great deal at stake” with the new President in power.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who has served in Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s cabinet since 2005, said Mr Trump’s election paved the way for “troubled times ahead”, but added that Germany would seek to cooperate with the new US administration.Writing in Bild on Sunday, Mr Steinmeier wrote: “As always with all power changes there are uncertainties, doubts and question marks about the course of the new leadership.

“But in these times of a new global disorder, this is about more. Today there is a great deal at stake: by choosing Donald Trump, the old world of the 20th century is over.”

“The order of the 21st century and the way the world of tomorrow will look is not settled; it is completely open […] I know we have to adjust to troubled times, to some unpredictability and new uncertainties,” Mr Steinmeier added…

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