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Trump Will Visit Headquarters of CIA He Criticized Over Leaks

By Jennifer Jacobs, Bloomberg:

President-elect Donald Trump will visit CIA headquarters in Virginia on Saturday on his first full day in office, traveling to the nerve center of a U.S. spy apparatus he criticized over intelligence reports Russia worked to assist his election, said a person familiar with the plans.

Trump’s visit is timed for the expected swearing-in of his nominee for Central Intelligence Agency director, Representative Mike Pompeo of Kansas. Trump’s advisers anticipate Pompeo will be confirmed by the Senate on Friday, the person said.

After months of disputing the conclusion, Trump accepted U.S. spy agencies’ analysis that Russia was behind the hacking of Democratic party officials as part of an effort to influence the U.S. election campaign.

Trump this month accused U.S. intelligence agencies of being behind the leak of unverified and salacious memos alleging the Russian government had gathered potentially damaging information on him…

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