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Manning to Lose Transgender Benefits with Dishonorable Discharge

By Tom Vanden Brook, USA Today:

Army Pvt. Chelsea Manning, the national-security leaker and transgender soldier, will lose her entitlement to military health care benefits under the terms of the sentence that President Obama commuted, according to the Army.

Obama’s commutation Tuesday will allow Manning to leave the Army’s prison at Fort Leavenworth on May 17, about six years before she would have been eligible for parole. The Army has been providing her with treatment for gender dysphoria, including hormone treatments.

She had been a candidate for gender-reassignment surgery, which would have been paid for under the Pentagon’s new policy for transgender troops.

But the terms of the 35-year sentence the court-martial imposed includes a “dishonorable discharge,” which the commutation did not affect, Army spokeswoman Cynthia Smith said Wednesday.

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