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Mexican Cartel and ISIS are Conspiring South of the Border

By Stephen Owsinski:

In an odd twist, Mexican cartels have unified with ISIS and conspire to thwart the inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump (PEOTUS) and inflict terroristic acts upon the United States. Here we go again!

A recent fusillade of bullets at the newly constructed US consulate building in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, has revealed intelligence regarding terrorist acts planned for Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. Oddly allied, both ISIS cells and Mexican drug cartels seek to bring mayhem to the PEOTUS and his administration as a pushback for all the proposed immigration changes impacting both Mexican and Muslim demographics.

Mr. Trump’s mass deportation assertions and mentions of shoring up border crossings have ignited a firestorm of vengeance, according to cartel informants who claim ISIS is already on Mexican soil and readied to attack throughout Trump’s inauguration. According to Judicial Watch revelations, cartel informants told law enforcement officials that ISIS cells “are only waiting for the order and the times to carry out a simultaneous attack in the different ports of entry or cities of the United States of America.”

The unorthodox alliance between Mexican criminal enterprises and ISIS terrorists reportedly stems from Trump making the Mexican cartel’s drug trafficking operations more difficult. By demonstrating “a message,” cartel and ISIS firepower is intended to strong-arm the Trump Administration to walk back its plans. I suspect the exact opposite will occur—Mr. Trump will likely aggressively unleash his plans with the vigor he demonstrated throughout his presidential campaign and the debates.

As a federal law enforcement agency, US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) is positioned to see its contingent of agents beefed up and adequately equipped to successfully carry out Mr. Trump’s plans to combat the opposition on both sides of the border; those already on American soil illegally and those who wish to enter the US without legal rights to do so will not find it easy.

As a nation, we’ve been witnessing the bloodshed in Mexico for years, especially recently, where exchanges of gunfire just inches from the US/Mexico border are becoming more commonplace. It was only a matter of time before the cartels felt the real pinch of Mr. Trump’s policies to seal off the flow of illegal immigrants, and hence, millions upon millions of dollars in contraband. But in typical cartel fashion, they’re not gonna take it on the chin. Using their infinite flow of drug money, the Trump camp may have a Mexican militia of sorts to deal with. And we know they play ugly, unmoved and uninhibited by governments.

One may suspect the tunneling tradesmen to garner a huge chunk of revenue soon with steady work. It’s already a reality, according to a New York Times report. Tunneling and making it to the US via subterranean passage makes the Trump administration’s border wall project useless. Imagine the ISIS lunatics crawling under and surfacing upon our streets. I’m no engineer, but images of a vast, deep-trenched, gator-filled moat encompassing the southern fringe of the United States—specifically where Mexico is attached—brings me peace.

Judicial Watch reported that drug cartels and ISIS have concentrated on border counties and municipalities whose tiny and understaffed police jurisdictions are vulnerable avenues (known as “porous borders”) that facilitate narcotics trafficking and human smuggling operations without detection. Perhaps the funding slated for thousands more CBP agents will shore up this and other gaps like it. However, nothing is likely to stem the tide in the brief period leading up to inauguration day.

Federal law enforcement officials, with many years of intelligence combined, define Mr. Trump’s immigration plans as a tremendous disruption to the Mexican and Muslim communities, sending rifts not only across the American landscape for those who are here illegally, but also for nefarious ISIS cells intent on destroying America or cartels pouring narcotics into its streets. The border wall and more stringent immigration policies and legislation choke off the routes otherwise enjoyed by terrorists, smugglers of narcotics and arms, and human traffickers who sometimes bribe allegedly corrupt federal agents. Their criminal enterprises are compromised by immigration laws, and Mr. Trump intends to sever and bleed all arterial routes leading to American soil.

It is no fiction that some border cities such as Reynosa are so volatile and so hostile, the streets so flagrantly controlled by gun-toting cartels, that Twitter accounts such as @GobiernoReynosa are set up to correspond between city officials and residents holed up in their homes due to continuous street gang warfare and exchanges of rivals’ gunfire. Sounds like south-of-the-border anarchy to me.

With inhospitable terrain, an unsettled environment, a weakened economy, a government rife with a legacy of corruption, and extremely violent criminal cartels with endless dirty money, Mexican factions stir a boiling cauldron spilling threats against American culture reinforced by ISIS. No matter which way PEOTUS Trump proceeds with policies on immigration, homeland security, and the influx of drugs, the volatility persists, and a powder keg is closer than we imagined—on hot sand, just not in the Middle East.

Via its Mexican sources, one of the most unsettling pieces of intelligence unearthed by Judicial Watch is that ISIS deploys “spotters” in New Mexico on a mountain range operated by the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Mexican federal intelligence agents claim ISIS has in their crosshairs the White Sands Missile Range, state universities, Ft. Bliss, government installations, and power grid infrastructure as target-rich sites for terrorist acts.

The irony in building the $155-million US consulate in Mexico is in the intent to ensure the safety of Americans abroad and US foreign policy principles– here we are preparing for attacks on our home turf while ISIS and Mexican cartel thugs thread their way to America to rock Mr. Trump’s boat and destroy US citizens.

Stephen Owsinski is a Senior OpsLens Contributor and retired law enforcement officer whose career included assignments in the Uniformed Patrol Division and Field Training Officer (FTO) unit.  He is currently a researcher and writer.

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