How The Media Would Rather Undermine Trump Than Do it’s Job

By OpsLens Staff:

The perversion and growth of the ‘fake news’ phenomena continues…

However, the issue has risen this time in a different and damning light for both the mainstream media and perhaps the U.S. Intelligence Community. BuzzFeed received and chose to publish an unverified thirty-five-page report with explosive allegations about President Trump and Russia.  The report indicated not only collusion between the two, but painted president-elect Donald Trump in an unsavory manner, to the delight of the media.

So what’s the big deal?  The story is fake, a ruse, or so claims the orginator.  The story was a prank developed for entertainment, but quickly spread in media and government channels.  The result, as is the case with any whispering game of telephone, the message was garbled at the end.  The issue in this case, the story was fake, but the game was treated as real and subsequently became a ‘serious’ issue.

So to recap, the same mainstream media that has cited their dismay over news stories, they claimed were fabricated and assisted Republican nominee Donald Trump during the contentious election season, have now taken a bogus story and ran with it, without investigating it, in order to undermine the president-elect, regardless of its truth or merit.  How convenient…

A statement by Buzzfeed said they wanted to get the information out and let people decide on their own, a fair and noble concept if the material has been verified and is not a childish prank.

The volume of people in America who questioned the media and our federal government had already risen a great deal, this latest debacle will not likely be the preamble to restoring confidence in the media.

On a separate note, there is a Tyrannosaurus Rex on the loose in San Francisco.   More details coming.  Share at will and stay tuned for more updates…

By OpsLens Staff






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