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‘Arrogant’ US is Just a ‘Shooting Star in the Ample Sky of History,’ Says Chinese State Media

By Charlotte England, The Independent:

Chinese state media has said the US is “just a shooting star in the ample sky of history”, in an editorial warning Donald Trump “not to boss China around” on economic and security issues.

The Global Times newspaper, which is backed by the ruling Communist Party, took the strong line on Wednesday, shortly after the President-elect announced the appointment of a second outspoken critic of China to his trade team.

Robert Lighthizer, who has condemned the east Asian country for failing to abide by international trade agreements in the past, will be America’s next chief trade negotiator, the President-elect said on Tuesday.

The 69-year-old has previously advocated for higher trade tariffs and called for tougher methods to “change the system”. His appointment is seen as part of Mr Trump’s plan to up-end US trade policy.

But according to China, the US has had its moment and the President-elect’s actions may not matter much in the future.

“May the arrogant Americans realize that the United States of America is perhaps just a shooting star in the ample sky of history,” the paper said, adding that Mr Trump appears to be “fixated” on trade, in a dismissive response to his latest appointment…

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