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Liberals Mock and Celebrate Shooting Death of Conservative Columnist

By Lukas Mikelionis, Heatstreet:

Coldhearted gun control advocates have gone ecstatic after the news broke that conservative Portland Press Herald columnist Michael D. Harmon died at his home, when a handgun he was showing to a teenage boy went off.

Harmon, an ardent supporter of gun rights who championed conservative viewpoints, was an editor and columnist for the Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram. He’d worked for the paper for more than 40 years and, after his retirement in 2011, continued writing a weekly column for the newspaper.

Yet his enemies rejoiced after he was shot dead, with one person writing on Facebook: “Accidental, but not a tragedy. Just more collateral damage. We lost nothing. Never ask me to feel bad for a gun freak getting killed by his own gun.”

The post mortem vitriol against Harmon continued on Facebook, with people posting the news and writing “in these awful times it’s always nice to read a genuinely uplifting story”, while some said “when irony and karma collide”….

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