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Woman Who Spoke Against ISIS in Public in Turkey Taken into Custody


Interior Ministry of Turkey posted a message on its official Twitter account yesterday evening (January 1) sharing a short video of a group of young adults talking in a cafe at Okmeydanı town of İstanbul.

Speaking in front of the people at the cafe, a young man who is a member of a civil society institution (Halkevleri) talks about the latest deadly attack at Reina nightclub and warns against the ‘danger of bigotry and ISIL in Turkey and emphasizes the importance of secularism’.

Sharing this video footage, the Interior Ministry said in its tweet: ‘This (video) has been forwarded to Counter Terrorism Units. Please, report them if you see these people (seen in the video).’

Receiving reactions from social media users, the Ministry deleted its tweet an hour and a half later.

It’s been reported that Ayşegül Başar, one of the people in the group shown in the video, has been taken into custody this morning from her house. A member of Halkevleri organization and a former intern at Turkey’s shut-down democratic newspaper Cumhuriyet, Başar was targetted by someone on social media after the message of the Interior Ministry.

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