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Rachel Maddow Pessimistic for Media, Says It May ‘Crumble’ Under Trump

By Melissa Mullins, Newsbusters:

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow made the rounds on a few shows last week where she expressed her worry that a Trump administration will have a serious and negative impact on the profession of “journalism” — it may “crumble” — and it “just got different” under the incoming administration.

Last week Maddow was on NBC’s Late Night with host Seth Meyers, who asked her if liberals had any reasons to be optimistic about the new administration.  Maddow hesitated before responding:  “I have bright red shoes, which is very festive. … I have a family I love and nice dogs.”

She did express hope in having “enemies who are cartoonishly evil.” Clearly she isn’t a fan and believes that with the new administration.  She lamented:

“You’ve got a different fight of your life than you thought you were going to have… “You’re going to have to do different work than you thought you were going to do. And whatever this administration is going to cook up is going to pose all sorts of fascinating challenges we were not expecting, and working on that stuff is going to be unifying.”…

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