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CIA Director John Brennan Says the Iran Nuclear Deal Isn’t Perfect but Works

By Sara Carter, Circa:

CIA Director John Brennan is encouraging President-elect Donald Trump not to scrap the Iran nuclear deal, saying destroying the deal could lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. He also said peace in Syria will not be possible until President Bashar al-Assad is removed from power.

In an exclusive interview with Circa, Brennan spoke candidly about the controversial Iran nuclear deal the Obama administration enacted in January, saying it has slowed Iran’s ability to gather the materials needed to build nuclear warheads.

“What we don’t need is for that deal to be scuttled because Iran will then take steps to move in a direction of a nuclear program, and the states in the region will also take into account what they need to do, and it could lead to a nuclear arms race,” Brennan said.

Not perfect, but necessary

Brennan said the deal, which has been met by formidable opposition by the incoming Trump administration, is not perfect. But he added that the agreement is necessary.

“It’s not a perfect deal, but it’s a very good deal in my mind because it has stopped Iran from that march,” he said…

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