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Berlin Terror: Police Hunt for Tunisian Man, ISIS Claims Responsibility

By Justin Huggler and Louise Burke, The Telegraph:

German police are searching for a Tunisian man known as “Anis A” in connection with the deadly truck attack on a crowd at a Berlin Christmas market which killed 12 people

The man is aged 21 or 23 and known by three different names, according to reports in the daily Allgemeine Zeitung and the Bild newspaper.

Both said asylum office papers believed to belong to the man were found in the cab of the truck.

The documents, which announced a stay of deportation, were found under the driver’s seat of the 40-tonne lorry that barreled through the Christmas market in the heart of the German capital.

Police were reportedly searching for the suspect, who was born in the southern Tunisian city of Tataouine, in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Twelve people were killed in what German authorities have called a “terrorist attack” in Berlin late Monday, including the Polish driver of the truck. Twenty-four remained in hospital, 14 of whom were seriously injured…

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