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Ivanka is the Wild Card of the Trump Presidency

By Maureen Callahan, New York Post:

It only makes sense that such an unprecedented president-elect should have an unprecedented First Daughter. And to Donald Trump, Ivanka has long been first among equals.

Of his five children, she is peerless. During a family interview with Barbara Walters last year, Eric, Donald Jr. and Tiffany Trump all said Ivanka, 35, is their father’s favorite. When asked, years ago, how he ranked Ivanka and his other daughter Tiffany, Trump said there was no contest.

“Come on!” he said. “Daddy’s little girl!”

While the media has, as it should, assiduously reported on every official Cabinet appointment made by President-elect Trump, they have yet to vet the next administration’s most significant, powerful player: Ivanka. She’s not the first woman to sub for a first lady — most notably, Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter Alice did — but none had the influence Ivanka likely will.

Forget adviser: Ivanka, now moving her family to DC, may be co-president.

“The only phone call Donald would always take,” a Trump insider told Politico last July, “was Ivanka.”

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