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Electoral College Death Threats Won’t Be the Last Bid to Overturn the Election

The Electoral College is due to meet Monday, when the electors chosen on Nov. 8 will establish Donald Trump as the winner. Then Democrats’ efforts to steal the election will finally come to an end — right?

Don’t bet on it. So bitter are American liberals that they may go down as the sorest losers since the invention of democracy. They’re apt to try anything to overturn voters’ decision.

Certainly Election Day didn’t stop them, even though the Electoral College outcome was unambiguous, a landslide indicating that Donald Trump had secured 306 electoral votes to the 232 won by the Democratic nominee.

To the losers, that was a mere sideshow — something to be overturned somehow, anyhow.

First we got Jill Stein’s demand for a recount in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin — in none of which had she won more than 1.2 percent of the vote.

In all the comment about this, none has quite captured how demented Dr. Stein’s recount campaign is. She cajoled her backers to put up millions of dollars on the theory that the wrong one of her adversaries won. Hillary Clinton jumped on board by…


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