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6 Months After the Orlando Attack, Has the FBI Forgotten About the Terrorist’s Wife?

By Jordan Schachtel, Conservative Review:

Six months ago, 29-year-old Omar Mateen walked into the Pulse nightclub in Orlando and committed the deadliest single-shooter mass shooting in American history.

The ISIS-inspired Mateen — born in New York to Afgan parents — stormed into the LGBT club on June 12 and massacred 49 people, wounding 53 more.

Evidence remains that his second wife and now-widow, Noor Salman, was an accomplice to the crime. Yet, she remains free and is believed to be in hiding somewhere in the United States.

For reasons unclear, federal authorities have not yet pressed charges against Salman and have kept the American people in the dark concerning this case since June.

Here’s what we know about the Palestinian-born Salman’s ties to the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11.

Before the attack

Before the shooting, Salman reportedly drove with her husband all the way to Orlando — an hour drive from their home in Fort Pierce — to case several sites

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