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Americans: Are You Willing to Defend Yourself and Those You Love?

By Chris Wagoner:

When did it stop being cool or hip or whatever word you want to use in our society to be self-reliant and able to take care of yourself and your family? When did our ability to defend ourselves and defend those that we love become something that was considered wrong, or evil?

How in the world did we raise so many people in these United States to be afraid to defend themselves, even to the point of not fighting back when they know there is no other recourse but to die groveling in front of some lunatic or a madman with a gun?

I had a discussion, just the other day, with someone in an internet group who asked what they could have in their home other than a gun to defend their home and their family from an intruder. The conversation went on and I was informed that the person asking the question was doing so for a family member who was “very liberal” and scared of firearms. I thought to myself, how did this person who is afraid of firearms and “does not want to hurt the intruder” make it to this point? What possibly could have caused them to be this way?

Not hurt the intruder? Are you serious?

What kind of person thinks that way when they are confronted by someone that would rather kill them than worry about having them around to ID them to the police? Was it something in the person’s past that happened, like a scary event in their life? Maybe they were threatened as a child with a firearm? I don’t know, but this mentality needs to change, and people have to stop relying on others to save them and make them safe. And in this case, the man has to stop worrying about harming someone that is not worried about harming him in the slightest!! What is wrong with you people?

I often get to read the law enforcement reports on many of the mass shootings, and even some things that are not generally talked about in the press or the mass media. But these reports are still available out there. Some of these facts and findings do not get talked about because they show people in a negative light, and who wants to talk bad about the dead?  Well, if it will encourage others to not be victims or help others not to die, I do!

I am so tired of hearing about people who are afraid to defend themselves, or afraid to stand up to criminals or terrorists and make it known that we will not die willingly or easily! I read several of the mass shooting reports where victims, who were trapped in rooms where the gunman entered, simply laid on the ground, or even kneeled, instead of jumping up and rushing the bad guy, or throwing things at them, or as a group like they did on Flight 93, rush the attacker(s) to stop the threat, instead they begged for their lives and died on their stomachs or knees. Come on, America, we do not let evil, criminal, murderous thugs make us into begging victims! If we do not stand up to these animals and fight back, more people will die. Plain and simple. In my opinion, fighting back with a firearm beats the heck out of not having one in such situations!

I just had this discussion with some of the men on my church’s safety team. We talked about what we might have to do if an armed intruder ever showed up at our church — I know it never happens, right? — and how, since we all carry self-defense firearms, we would likely have to aggressively move on and in the direction of a shooter in order to not put the rest of the congregation at greater risk from our own firearms. In addition, we would need to be cognizant that there is very little room for unobstructed lines of fire in the church sanctuary. I told the men, “we may have to take a few rounds if we do this. You may be shot, but that is the price you pay to protect the members of the church.” And not one of them flinched or showed any facial reactions at all. I thought to myself, these are the kinds of men that would be the ones to jump an armed attacker and save lives, just the kind I want to help me protect my family and my church family. Why are these men willing to do this while others are so scared that they would rather die on their knees or laying on the ground?

Well, their faith seems to play a major role in the case of the church safety team members. In the case of others, it’s the idea that if they do not do something, they are assured to die. But in the case of those that decide to die without fighting back, do they not think about their family? What about their children, if they have any? Is life itself not worth fighting back for? Not taking action is simply not acceptable, and should not even be in your mind.

I don’t care if you are a Republican or Democrat, Christian or Jew or Buddhist, black, white or purple: as human beings, we have certain rights, and one of the biggest is the right to life. If we are not willing to fight back to keep our own lives, then I am not sure such a life is worth saving. Who wants to pass such a defeatist attitude to the next generation? How long would the United States of America last if the entire population had this attitude? Stop worrying about hurting the attacker, stop worrying about using violence to solve your problem. Sometimes, VIOLENCE IS THE ONLY SOLUTION!

If you are one of those people that would rather die than fight back, please do us all a favor: in any given terrorist attack or life-threatening situation, stay out of the way of those that are willing to at least go down fighting. In the case of the recent Pulse Nightclub shooting, the gunman had to reload his rifle multiple times. Why did no one fight back when he was doing this? Why did they not counter-attack when the gun was empty and it took a couple of seconds (if he is fast) to reload the firearm? When the shooter entered the bathroom where a group of people were hiding, not one person tried to fight back.

If you are one of these people, please start thinking about changing your attitude. Think about living, not dying. Think about the fact that you are going to die if you do not do something! Start thinking of self-preservation, self-defense and learning a little fighting attitude.  DO NOT let evil win! Do not let the terrorist terrorize you! We, as Americans, have a duty to be brave, and to fight against evil and fight back! We do not take kindly to people trying to force themselves on us and harm our families or loved ones. Do not go quietly and meekly! If our WWII generation had this attitude, we would be speaking German or Japanese right now.

In the military and law enforcement, we use the image of a sheepdog to describe our roles as protectors of the “sheep”, the average Joe citizen. The sheepdogs protect the flock from the wolves. But imagine this, if there were no sheep, or maybe just a few, and the rest of the group were sheepdogs, what wolf in his right mind would attack the group then? One wolf against 30 or 40 sheepdogs? If more Americans, not less, would learn about self-defense, how to use a firearm and would carry one on a regular basis, I can almost guarantee you that thieves, murderers, and terrorists, to name a few, would think twice if there was a good chance the target would shoot back!

You do not have to be a trained Navy SEAL or police SWAT team member to be able to protect yourself. The very first and most important thing you need is not a gun or weapon, but the mindset that you will not stand by and be slaughtered like a sheep. The idea must be in your head that you will fight back with everything you can to protect yourself and your family. I personally would not be able to live with myself if my family or someone close to me was harmed and I could have done something to stop it, anything, and simply chose not to. You need to take a serious look in the mirror and decide if you or your family were to become the victim of a violent crime. You need to decide if you are going to lay down, take it, and risk death, or if you are going to attempt to fight back to save yourself or your family, and possibly go down fighting.

Are you going to walk out your front door tomorrow and be ready, or are you just going to continue on and say “Baaaaaa,” ignoring the changing world we live in where self-defense and the mindset of such is essential to our survival, as well as America’s?

Chris Wagoner is an OpsLens Contributor and U.S. Army Veteran . He has been in law enforcement the last 35+ years. He specializes in LE Firearms Instruction, and is in charge of a large Police Academy in North Florida. In his spare time Chris is a free-lance Military Reporter and owner/founder of the Largest Military Videos Channel on YouTube “3rdID8487”.


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