Trey Gowdy for Supreme Court Justice: Another Trump Card?

By Stephen Owsinski:

As Americans observe President-elect Donald Trump pare-down his list of Cabinet nominations, many anticipate the most-applicable appointment for Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy, especially after the U.S. Attorney General role—pending Confirmation Hearings—went to Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.

What remains is not a last resort, but perhaps the most-ideal seat: Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

With Gowdy’s silvery hair atop a black robe, Antonin Scalia will surely smile down upon his young successor. Like Justice Scalia, Gowdy’s brilliant, scholarly legal mind and acumen would ideally trumpet the rule of law for all of the land, impartially and with definite fidelity. Years of prosecutorial pursuits and back-to-back stints in political posts could materialize into a coveted, prestigious, and wholly vital seat on the highest bench in American jurisprudence.

Universally, affirming the rule of law is what Congressman Gowdy is all about. Investigating and eradicating ill-will, misdeeds, and malevolence is his pulse. His non-partisan perspectives are founded in truth and honoring American constituents, void of pandering to politicians or lobbyists. Politicizing issues is not Gowdy’s style, nor is it something he runs from. As he often echoes in any forum, he is more of a prosecutor than a politician.

Constitutional Covenant

Whereas some exhibit far leanings toward their respective political parties, Congressman Gowdy postures himself like a man on an island, free of personal agendas and distorted views of the landscape. Despite party affiliations, many of Gowdy’s arguments entail well-conceived and marvelously-crafted theory centered on the good of all, not just one side of the aisle over the other. A man of precision and Constitutional principles, Gowdy minces nothing and harnesses Lady Justice and the rule of law as our nation’s bedrock from which unification stems. When fissures evolve, Gowdy is swift to not only propose reparations, but also has the most suitable array of tools, such as U.S. Constitution Articles and pure heart, laboring to eliminate threats and ensure the dam is impenetrable.

Review any Congressional hearings and you will see a man who takes the mission quite seriously. The HRC ball is still in-play, and I delight in the outcome in which Gowdy is a pivotal component seeking justice. The method by which he places exclamation points is impressive, and his finesse at persuasive propositioning is laden with deft fusion of micro and macro considerations.

The way Mr. Gowdy bisects and dissects official, under-oath dialogue is assuring and the way it ought to be for the American citizenry to embrace our governing embodiment: secured in the notion their interests are being heralded.

Without Fail

Trey Gowdy has, without fail, exhibited a demeanor representative of character traits for the good of all. That factor weighs heavily in matters which come before the SCOTUS. Careful case analyses and application of legal principles has always been an essential thread in the fabric upon which Gowdy confidently stands. It is not without merit that a Supreme Court Justice, regardless of political party affiliations, can assess and rule in non-partisan manner so that the nation is ultimately served by its Constitution, not just a segment which is barking loudest or has ample money to invest in its interests.

Congressman Gowdy’s reverence for rule of law is beyond palpable, pure, and persistent. Polarization is not his objective, but fact-patterned justice surely is.

Just like a fervent prosecutor.

Again, I invite you to observe any public hearings in which Congressman Gowdy is among the elected body sifting through details, points, and counterpoints. You will undoubtedly notice a silver-haired man whose input comes with fact-based materials, pillared by legal treatise and respectful decorum when engaging opposing parties. Notice Gowdy’s demeanor and how he is consistently balanced during his arguments, especially in the face of opposition. Take note of his acute listening skills, patience, how he immediately employs newly-acquired information into his investigative purpose, and deploys well-articulated rebuttals. Recognize how he always verbalizes salutations, even when an adversary challenges him on any principle issue(s). Those are traits of an inherently authentic leader who has nobility in his heart and the interests of the people close at hand, fueled by pure constitutionalism.

Gowdy is a man who not only poses challenges to those who appear before Congressional bodies, but a man who also takes up the challenge of embracing each one until resolution. The HRC saga is a good example. There appear to be no seeds of boredom within his legal bones. With regard to potential SCOTUS nomination, Gowdy will inject vitality into that scholarly component of U.S. governance. Robust in principle and ardent in legislative application, Gowdy is positioned exactly where he needs to be.

Pure Heart

In my research endeavors, I come across ample material. There is much to be gleaned. While I was poring over his background once again, for a piece I wrote portending that Trey “The Bull” Gowdy is the key to help lock up HRC, I happened upon a short video depicting a segment whereupon Gowdy is seemingly drawing back to the marvelous figures who impacted his life not only as a prosecutor, but more so as a human being.

Mr. Gowdy delivered an impassioned pin-drop speech at a Liberty University Convocation (2015), candidly and sincerely conveying the principles he lives by as solid, unshakable advice for the graduates to offer the world. “Why?” is ultimately the one-word nugget Gowdy hoists upon his shoulder. His speech transcends a legal perspective and absolutely underscores how to be a well-rounded human. No matter where he is speaking, Mr. Gowdy is giving to those who seek. And that is a SCOTUS mainstay.


When it was recently posed to him before an audience, the notion of being tapped for U.S. Attorney General elicited neither a Yes nor a No from Mr. Gowdy. He seemed to carefully consider the question, respectfully referencing his spouse. He ultimately invoked a fair statement without committing either way, effectively leaving the door unlocked. There is absolute calculated strategy here, given President Obama’s still-in-play power to pardon HRC, even as a pre-indictment maneuver. “Gowdy for AG” will certainly force that possibility. I’d rather witness the alternate: a full-on bulldoze of the Clinton enterprise.

Of course, many citizens, including me, salivate over the prospect of Trey Gowdy running for the U.S. Presidency. Between POTUS and SCOTUS, one is relatively short-lived and can deposit tremendous value and dividends for Americans…and the other is an infinite appointment, also with inherent value and benevolence for We the People.

In either of the two, Gowdy will be an intellectual titan squashing those who seek to sully the Constitution, will employ laser-like concentration, will exhibit unwavering diligence, and will nobly shape things for immeasurable quotients. In any event, We the People cannot go wrong with the ultimate choice: one whose character traits magnetize respect.

Stephen Owsinski is an OpsLens Contributor and retired law enforcement officer whose career included assignments in the Uniformed Patrol Division and Field Training Officer (FTO) unit.  He is currently a researcher and writer.

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