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Trey “The Bull” Gowdy and His Unrelenting Pursuit of Justice, and of Course Hillary Clinton


By Stephen Owsinski:

I was hopeful of Republican Congressman Trey “The Bull” Gowdy being tapped as our nation’s next top law enforcer. Given President-elect Donald Trump’s “Law and Order” platform he so ardently boasted throughout his campaign, it seemed befitting for him to choose a bullish and tough-on-crime law man for appointment to the office of U.S. Attorney General. My hopes were dashed, for now.

The Attorney General nomination was ultimately conferred upon Sen. Jeff Sessions, and old dust has unsettled. Historically, claims of racism against Sessions have loomed. And, torpedoes are already propelling through the waters of confirmation hearings. The Sessions for AG nomination is not a lock.

Admittedly, I interpreted the cards differently and incorrectly presumed that Gowdy was an ace in the hand. But, after learning minutes ago that President-elect Trump had a change of heart and is suggesting disinterest in pursuing the nefarious politics and business affairs of Hillary Clinton, my shoulders slouched.

But, all is not lost! No matter who secures the AG slot, Gowdy is a man of integrity. His unrelenting mantra and promise to the American people and, importantly, the surviving families of the Americans slain in Benghazi carries weight. As Gowdy has said all along among various interests played-out in hearings, Congress always has the right and responsibility to pursue matters which impact the nation state. Ultimately, Gowdy can persist in his pursuit to secure what transpired in Benghazi; the totality of the circumstances paint HRC as negligent and the impetus for the avoidable loss of American lives.

Fact-finding, if you will…even if it does not relate to indictments. And, as has been one facet of the Benghazi massacre, the “crime scene” was left unattended for 18 days before the FBI picked up the torch. With that said, it is prudent for Gowdy and whoever else to continue on the trail to place exclamation marks where they truly belong, regardless of Trump’s position on the matter. That can always change, and it will behoove our government officials to be adequately prepared for that possibility. In fact, grumblings of meddling in justice affairs are already echoing, so we’ll see.

As a Republican U.S. Congressman and member of several House Committees, including Judiciary, Trey Gowdy is already locked and loaded, and has been boiling-hot on the trail of Mrs. Clinton. Gowdy’s acerbic nature, acute analyses, and critical thinking skills garnered him a reputation as an impassioned seeker of truth and justice. Flinty in Congressional Hearings, Gowdy stands-out among his peers and goes for the jugular without cessation. I would have loved to observe him in a courtroom, prosecuting cases, unabashedly engaging defense counsel, heralding the Constitution, enabling justice.

Several times now, I have heard “The Bull” exclaim how he is enamored to be working “for a blind-folded woman who holds scales in one hand and carries a sword in the other.” Indeed, Lady Justice is iconic and, like a gallant warrior behind her, Gowdy takes it to heart. To buttress this article I, once again, reviewed many video clips in which Gowdy is lambasting HRC. Boy, it is thrilling to observe him practicing his craft.

Demonstrably tenacious and never lukewarm about issues which he aspires to distill, Gowdy presents as an elected man whose constituents can confidently feel their candidate has their back. Zealously, Gowdy portrays a man who adheres to by-the-book legal principles and often proffers Constitutional recitations to weave together his stance on matters.

Gowdy exemplifies his oft-stated credo “I am a prosecutor, not a politician.”  I believe he is both, in that particular order. He manifests both prosecutorial and political niches optimally, equating to accountability and prolific public service. Albeit flinty in demeanor, perhaps a layer of humor is to be found in Gowdy’s three dogs: “Judge,” “Jury,” and “Bailiff.” (Not making this stuff up, I promise.)

On the Trail of Hillary

Throughout many months since the Benghazi debacle, Gowdy has aggregated reams of correspondence which he cites in Congressional Hearings. When HRC is under his nose, Gowdy’s ire soars, not unlike how anyone may react to a blatant liar who appears culpable in deaths of others. As a policeman, I felt that volcanic bubbling-over quite often. As you listen to a flood of self-distancing verbiage, followed by back-peddling and finger-pointing aka “false exculpatory statements,” the mind records and strategizes consistently. Gowdy’s eyes look above and to the side (usually his right), signaling the “gotcha” moments, followed by inquiries designed to tighten the grip of justice until the quarry capitulates and is just…had.

The sound of battle drums has been wafting, and they may continue regardless of Trump’s change in course. It will be quite interesting to witness “The Bull” continue shaking Hillary’s tree and watch the fallout. Trey Gowdy: a law man who is quite bright and adept at gauging and pursuing those who operate in the dark with bizarre pathology.

Gowdy’s orbit around Clinton and the Benghazi tragedy has been intense, and his legal prowess is not likely to simply take a nap because of circumstantial happenings. Gowdy went nose-to-nose with FBI Director James Comey over the handling (mishandling) of Clinton’s emails, implying miscarriage of justice and complicity in the investigation. “The Bull” unleashed his fury, dug-in with questions, and postured with convictions to spear falsehoods.

In the event the Sessions confirmation process does not pan-out, Gowdy is a contender and would engage a confirmation process like no other.  I could see him posing more questions for the dais than the other way around; he is a brilliant man and Constitutional scholar.

In light of Trump’s announcement this morning, “The Bull” and his pursuit of facts will not be slowed to a sluice pace but, rather, intensified. Integrity and truth are Gowdy’s mainstays. I do not foresee him shelving any interests pertaining to HRC.

Stephen Owsinski is an OpsLens Contributor and retired law enforcement officer whose career included assignments in the Uniformed Patrol Division and Field Training Officer (FTO) unit.  He is currently a researcher and writer.

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