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Retired General David Petraeus Says He Would Accept Trump Cabinet Position

OpsLens Video:

Retired General David Petraeus, who left the military and intelligence community after an extramarital affair and subsequent investigation into his handling of classified material, stated that he would accept a position in President elect Donald Trump’s cabinet were he offered. Petraeus, though he departed on negative terms, is widely considered as a strong leader in the military community and could use a position in Trump’s administration to resurface and demonstrate his abilities that led to him earning four stars in the military.

OpsLens Take:  While Petraeus has demonstrated his leadership skills over the years and had a remarkable military career, the poor decision making surrounding the handling of classified material should preclude him from serving in a senior post under Donald Trump.  We have the utmost respect for Petraeus as an individual, however, we cannot endorse him for a senior post.  Hopefully time will be kind to the General and his outstanding career will overshadow his blunders.

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