Here’s Why Progressives Lose Their Minds When They Lose Elections

By David Danford, The Federalist:

Students are huddling in safe spaces to cry it out, protestors are storming the streets shouting #NotMyPresident, and celebrities and media personalities are in hysterics. “Saturday Night Live“ appears to have had a mental breakdown, abandoning comedy for mourning. Left-wing commentators are fighting each other on the air, and the New York Times is panicked that it has lost all credibility. In all, it appears as if Armageddon has happened.

Meanwhile, as people on the Left who are honestly seeking to understand how they lost have already recognized, there is an obvious explanation of how we got to this point. In several passionate—and vulgar—responses to the loss, the Left has correctly pointed out that you cannot call people racists and misogynists over and over and expect them to lie down and take it. At some point, they are going to turn around give you the middle finger and yell something that, as one author put it, “begins with an F and ends with a U.”

The Left has also figured out that political correctness did this. By political correctness, I mean the act of delegitimizing opposing views as unacceptable in polite, political discourse. Political correctness is the strict code of speech and action that colors every interaction in life. It has gotten us to the point where people feel unable to share what they think about reality because certain ideas are already racist, bigoted, or something else from a long list of liberal convictions. Left with no way to talk to one another, people go quiet. Only in the safety of the voting booth do they get to have their say.

Perhaps we should all take a step back and calm down…

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