Why Does America Allow George Soros to Fuel Hatred Toward Our First Responders?

By T.B. Lefever:

It’s midnight. I’m fighting back the cobwebs at the local gas station I like to call my “mini-precinct” due to the amount of time I’ve spent there feeding an acute addiction to caffeine.  The sun has been down for hours now and I’m halfway through my twelve hour watch as just one of roughly 800,000 American cops working the street 24/7, 365.  I’ll probably do one more cup of coffee or a Red Bull before I’m lying in bed as the sun comes back up.  I tell the overnight clerk sitting behind bullet proof glass to holler if he needs us and head for the door. On my way out, I see a twenty-something black guy with dreadlocks approaching. I hold the door as I always do for folks whether I’m in uniform or not because it’s how I was raised. “Nah man, I got it”, he says as he grabs the door to hold it for me.  I thank him and walk through.  “Thanks for being out here. I appreciate what you do and I know you guys don’t hear it enough”, he tells me.   I thank him for his support and we have a pleasant conversation for the next five minutes or so before the next call for service cuts it short.  After a handshake and a smile, I’m out of there.  I have these interactions every day with people of all walks of life.  So why does it feel like the relationship between the American police officer and his community is the worst it has ever been?

The most obvious explanation for the rise in anti-police attitudes is without a doubt the main stream media’s selective narrative of a stereotypically racist, brutal, and/or improperly trained American police force.  To go along with the negative generalizations is their eagerness to legitimize those making “death to police” chants by giving them a platform to spread the kind of blind hatred that results in more dead cops like we saw in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and NYC.  This main stream media includes everything from the evening news and pop culture to what is trending on your Facebook newsfeed.  However, more concerning to me is the primary source of the funding behind the message.  Enter George Soros.  As the 23rd richest man on the planet, the Hungarian billionaire is the number one financier of the anti-police movement in the United States.

…why does it feel like the relationship between the American police officer and his community is the worst it has ever been?

Tax records have shown that Soros’s Open Societies Foundation donated a whopping 33 million dollars to a litany of groups in the aftermath of the 2014 Michael Brown incident.  These groups in turn transformed Ferguson, MO from a small town that no one ever heard of into a pile of burnt rubble and the birthplace of Black Lives Matter.  The money was spent effectively to construct viral social media campaigns based on the “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot” lie and to transport paid “protestors” from outside of the area under the guise of a naturally occurring grassroots expression of protest.  Of course, the mainstream media was enthusiastic to capitalize on ratings and give the incident the boost it needed to become the salacious story of the year.  Our new reality is that this faux-movement cat is out of the bag for good.

After spending over a year deflecting the financing allegations as mere conspiracy theory, the Open Societies Foundation was exposed by DCLeaks when the organization released a trove of hacked emails showing that Soros made a 650 thousand dollar contribution to Black Lives Matter directly.  The exposed email detailing the money transfer was originally sent two months prior to the foundation’s official denial that there was any funding of BLM going on at all.  Even with the truth rising to the surface, the media is essentially warping the reality of Black Lives Matter from being the sociopolitical tool of rich men into the falsehood that it is a modern day civil rights movement.  BLM is not being spearheaded by DeRay Mckesson and it is most certainly not the vision of those interested in legitimate civil rights principles. It is no wonder then that only 30% of the arrests accounted for during the recent Charlotte riots involved offenders with North Carolina residency. When seven out of ten of those arrested in Charlotte had to be bussed in with Soros money to profit protest the death of a black male refusing to drop a stolen gun at the hands of a black cop, it is safe to say that BLM is not the crusade for justice that it is heralded to be.  So where else is George Soros spending millions to buy influence in the US and around the world?

…money was spent effectively to construct viral social media campaigns based on the “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot” lie and to transport paid “protestors” from outside of the area under the guise of a naturally occurring grassroots expression of protest…

As George Soros and his ilk continue on with deny and deflect tactics, a paper trail of the man’s billions has been following him from civil upheaval projects that have spanned the globe for years.  The “Occupy Wall Street” protests, “Syrian Refugee Crisis”, “Arab Spring”, civil war in Ukraine, anti-Trump protests, and the open borders movement are just a few examples of the subversive activities taking place in the Open Societies Foundation’s backyard.  Having gone on record to say “The main obstacle to a civil and just world order is the United States”, Soros proves unequivocally that his brand of global string-pulling is inherently harmful to America and its people. One therefore cannot logically conclude that Soros and company are intent on having anything but destabilizing effects on American society and its governance at home and throughout the world. But what implications do their efforts have on the role of Black Lives Matter in our society?

The master cog in Soros’s wheel is built with classic divide and conquer tactics that have been successful enough to bring us to the point where facts and circumstances no longer appear relevant. Officer involved shootings are now spun to showcase perceived breakdowns in race relations and indict the justice system even when the races of the opposite sides involved are the same or a police officer’s life was clearly at risk. Not long ago, the complaint was that there ought to be more transparency following officer involved shootings but a recent LAPD incident sparked immediate protests despite the very quickly released video showing Carnell Snell fleeing from officers with a gun in his hand moments prior.  One BLM organizer’s statement of “I don’t care is he had a gun. Life Matters” was met with thunderous applause at a protest this week. This statement echoes the sentiment of the NAACP Charlotte chapter president’s sentiment that Keith Scott possessing a gun was irrelevant. Body cameras and increased cooperation with the public following these events isn’t making much of a difference. A significant portion of our society now expects the police to commit suicide when dealing with armed suspects while their opposition views them as criminals and thugs. How deep will the wedge be driven before we look into the one holding the hammer?

…only 30% of the arrests accounted for during the recent Charlotte riots involved offenders with North Carolina residency…

Perhaps another intended consequence of letting loose the BLM spectacle is that it provides a smoke screen distraction while dissident forces such as Soros and company take more crippling measures to remove the “American obstacle” he speaks of. We have been programmed to believe that the single biggest issue our country faces is that largely white police officers are gunning down unarmed and innocent black men in the streets when the facts and statistics point clearly to the contrary. Did you know that five white men were killed by police throughout the country the very same day as Keith Scott’s death? Not many people do.  While the nation was being force fed around the clock coverage of Black Lives Matter taking advantage of the latest spin-able officer involved shooting before the facts were even presented, the United States handed over stewardship of the internet to an international body and it saw next to no mainstream media coverage.  Despite alarm bells being sounded over fears that the transfer could lead to restricted first amendment rights for internet users down the road, race baiting over Keith Scott’s death at the end of a black police officer’s gun dominated the American collective consciousness. In sticking with the theme of this article, it’s important to mention that DCLeaks has validated these fears in the past month by revealing more leaked emails that indicate George Soros and the Open Societies Foundation have their sights set on oppressive internet censorship akin to the likes of Russia, China, and other nations that we should never be emulating as a free and open society.  Hey, maybe it’s just a coincidence. Keep moving folks. There’s nothing to see here.

It’s 5am and I’ve been dispatched to a possible domestic violence call back at the “mini-precinct”.  After explaining to the young black couple that a concerned citizen observed them arguing and called 911, I begin to play relationship counsellor so we all can go home.  Fortunately for me, they are reasonable and I’m waiting for the male’s friend to pick him so the two can cool off for the night separately.  As I stand listening to this guy share his relationship issues, I hear the sound of a car engine roaring up the roadway followed by a screeching voice yell “Black lives matter!” I turn to see a white female who I can all but guarantee has never heard of George Soros hanging halfway out of the passenger side window with her middle finger blowing in the wind.  “People are crazy out here”, my new friend says to me as we watch the vehicle’s taillights disappear down the road.  In this moment, I’m not angry and I’m not upset. The caffeine has worn off and I’m just tired…and a little bit uneasy for my nation’s future.

Thomas Lefever is an OpsLens Contributor and active police officer in the Metro-Atlanta area. Throughout his career, Lefever has served as a SWAT Hostage Negotiator, a member of the Crime Suppression Unit, a School Resource Officer, and a Uniformed Patrol Officer. He has a BA in Criminal Justice and Sociology from Rutgers University.

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