FDNY Forbids Firefighters from Hanging Pictures of Trump

By Susan Edelman, Sarah Trefethen and Chris Perez, The New York Post:

The FDNY has ordered firefighters to not hang pictures of President-elect Donald Trump in firehouses or on their trucks, angering some members of the department.

“Only [the] FDNY wouldn’t want the democratically elected president of America hanging in a firehouse,” said one firefighter, who asked to remain anonymous.

“The firehouse is supposed to be a symbol of America. That’s hard to believe when you can’t post a picture of the president.”

Department brass sent out a memo this week urging New York City’s Bravest to “remain out of the political scene and out of the political field” amid the widely divided opinions sparked by Trump’s election a week ago, according to officials.

An FDNY source told The Post that the memo was triggered by complaints the department received about a fire truck in Brooklyn — Engine 276 — that was driving around with a Trump mask on its grille.

“Posting of these materials is not in compliance with Regs,” the message read. “Please make sure apparatus and quarters are clear of this material.”

The firefighters took the wording about “materials not in compliance” to be a reference to the president-elect, sources said.

It was especially confusing to some because pictures of past presidents do hang in firehouses…

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