An Honest Comparison Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

The core reason behind America’s weakened foreign policy and absence of respect from our foes abroad is simple, a lack of leadership in Washington, D.C.  President Obama has made every effort to hand the lead to others on key strategic issues in the Middle East, South Asia and beyond and it has begun to have a significant impact on our credibility.  You do not have to look far to see how Russia, Iran, China, ISIS or other foes have pressed the U.S. with antagonistic actions knowing little in the way of ramifications would fall their way. During much of this time, his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, served as the face for this new passive and seemingly meager version of America. Subsequently, this has lead many to question her ability to be tough on our enemies and project an aura of power and leadership from the Oval Office.

Likewise, while many fear a Clinton administration, there is an equal amount of doubt by many regarding Donald Trump.  While his plea to return America to greatness and leadership skills have resonated with many, his experience in the geopolitical realm is non-existent and has scores wondering how a Trump administration would perform.

OpsLens Staff

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