Why I Don’t Care About Donald Trump’s Taxes

By Rhett Miller:

I don’t care about Donald Trump’s taxes and neither should you. Admittedly Trump was not my first choice as the Republican nominee, but I admire how he has revolutionized the political system and garnered a rabid fan base as a political outsider.  Likewise, as people have made their impassioned pleas for Trump, his opponent, Hillary Clinton, and her voters have found their own rally cries, making this the most entertaining election ever.  But as we evaluate who should serve as the next President, I think it is important to understand not just who we are electing, but what we are electing.  We are not electing a pastor or a priest, we are electing someone to run our country.  The same questions, albeit different elements, came up in the previous election with GOP candidate Mitt Romney.  Many in the GOP’s evangelical base struggled with the fact that Romney, a seasoned politician, was a Mormon and thus questioned whether or not they wanted him to serve – as if every Presidential address was going to involve verse after verse from the Book of Mormon.  The bottom line folks, stop judging every candidate as if they are supposed to be perfect.  They aren’t.  Are you? The political system is broken, it is corrupt and we are all ever aware of this matter.

With so much discussion in recent weeks about Donald Trump’s unwillingness to release his taxes, and now the disclosure of sexual remarks the candidate made in 2005, I have to ask –‘Why do we care?’ Certainly, tax fraud if legally investigated and proven is wrong and a mar on any individual’s record, but that has not been done.  And to be clear, even if it had, until we can collectively track the financial apparatus of our country’s elite and make both discoveries and the appropriate corrections on a fair and equal scale, I don’t care.  Why would someone give away more money than they have to if they can find loopholes in our tax system to keep more money in their pocket.  You would do the same thing and you are lying to yourself if you think otherwise.

On the flip side, Hillary Clinton is known to be rude and unbearable by most all who have been around her throughout her career. Sorry Clinton fans, it is true.  Whether Secret Service agents, White House staff members or any other individuals in close proximity, they all say the same thing.  But should that matter? I want to lean toward yes, but in the end the answer, sticking with my principal above, is no.  If she can run our country effectively, she doesn’t have to be someone I want to have coffee with every day.

Mrs. Clinton’s digression with regards to classified material however is another matter.  While she has inexplicably avoided an indictment from the Department of Justice, it has been clearly stated that her mistakes were extremely careless and put our nation’s secrets at risk.  However, according to federal authorities, because no such case had created a precedent before, the Department of Justice opted not to press charges. People on both sides of the aisle should question her judgement based on these findings, however, we can’t just sit around and complain about them.  The results are in and sadly nothing will be done, trust me.

So if you want change – go vote.  Explain to your friends and colleagues why certain aspects of each candidates’ philosophies matter and back them up with facts, but don’t get bogged down in the issues that don’t matter or what someone has said before, unless of course you have never made a mistake.  Remember who and what you are electing and focus on the issues that relate to the role of President.  Can this person save our economy? Will they help our military stay on the leading edge? What will they do for our educational system? How will they handle our antagonistic foes, such as Russia, Iran, North Korea and China?  This is what matters folks.

Rhett Miller is a Senior OpsLens Contributor and former counterintelligence official for the U.S. government.





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