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Why aren’t We Talking About an Imminent War with Russia? A Military Spouse’s Perspective

By Samantha Horvath:

Though it may come as a surprise to the average civilian, the tension between the US and Russia is continuing to get progressively worse. Especially over the past month, deterioration between the two hit a major low in comparison to recent years. Russia has been covered in the news for their increasingly antagonistic actions in Syria, as well as their unilateral and aggressive move to annex Crimea from Ukraine. Still, despite all this and numerous other less visible maneuvering, news organizations have been incredibly quiet regarding just how close we actually are to war with Russia.

As of right now, the United States has entered Defcon-3. What does this mean exactly? Simply, this level of possible war preparation, also known as the Round House which is the exercise terminology, permits for the Air Force to be readily deployable within 15 minutes of dispatch. Broken down, this means that our strategic B-52 Bombers would be airborne within minutes, and Marine and Navy Fighter Squadrons would also be scrambled on the West Coast; as well as Air Force Fighter Wings scrambling to New York City and Washington D.C., providing a constant aerial patrol of both target areas. As these locations are considered highly targetable by any enemy.

It is also important to note, that multiple Russian TV and media outlets are warning their citizens of a highly potential provocation with the United States and North Atlantic Trade Organization (NATO) forces. More specifically, Russia has instructed their citizens to prepare bunkers, gas masks, and to stock food and water. It is not hard to delineate that our military leaders are being highly influenced by our government. Resultantly, the United States is making public speeches that literally threaten Russia and anyone who has allied themselves with Russia, also informing them that they are now regarded as an enemy of democracy and a direct threat to the United States, and will be treated as equally guilty. In response, Putin stated at many of his conferences, that he knows of the verbal threats made against him, his citizens, and his country. These threats from the US have come specifically from: John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Chief of Staff of the US Army General Mark Milley, General Joseph Dunford, and various others.

In the past week, there have been multiple missile attacks off the coast of Yemen, specifically targeting two US Guided Missile Destroyers: the USS Mason and the USS San Antonio. The attacks on the USS Mason are slightly more important to consider because the destroyer had to return fire. These attacks were coordinated by Houthi Rebels, in response to US ships returning fire on the Yemen coastline, several Houthi controlled radar sites were destroyed as a result of the incident. This escalated, with Iran now sending Naval Warships to intercept the US Destroyers in that region. Meaningful events in United States-Russian relations due to the alliance between Iran and Russia. The US might consider the attack grounds for a World War, especially because the attacks come from a Russian backed superpower such as Iran. Russia has deployed warships that are currently in route to travel through the English Channel headed towards the Mediterranean Sea. While this is happening, the United Kingdom Navy is set to intercept the Russian warships. If the Russian warships are not stopped, it could lead to further escalations of force with Russian and American ships in the same waters. It could be viewed as a threat and act of war.

All of these facts are not being widely publicized by mainstream media outlets in the US, which should cause concerns for all citizens, not excluding those considering enlistment when we are on the precipice of war. My husband served his country overseas, but serving one’s country is not something that can easily be forgotten. Lately he has been thinking about re-enlisting in the military for a second tour. Prior to signs of war with Russia, I fully supported him, because I knew it would make him happy to be part of the brotherhood once more. Now, knowing all of the facts, threats and the incredibly high probability of him being sent overseas again as an infantry man, I feel less sure of the decision.  Considering the fact that we have children to raise, it is honestly, a very scary notion, especially knowing that Putin has been mobilizing the Russian Army for a number of years, while the US depletes its Army and downsizes its Nuclear Program. But a brave man cannot be stopped from protecting what he deems worthy of protection. America is made greater by men and women who believe their country is worth sacrificing for.

Samantha Horvath is an OpsLens Contributor and the spouse of a U.S. Marine Corps veteran.

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