Clinton Campaign Feeds Media Questions

The debate over whether the media is biased has been discussed, and proven, time and time again. However, in this particular election season, given Clinton’s polarizing candidate Donald Trump, there appears to be more collusion among media officials than ever before. Following the final presidential debate, Mrs. Clinton answered questions on her plane before takeoff.  During the exchange a campaign official clearly tee’d up questions, via text, that the candidate wanted to address, furthering the point that nothing we see anymore is as we thought.

We are not suggesting the election is rigged or any other grandiose, although possible, scenario. However, it is clear that the media is biased and no organization reports the news in its true form any longer.  Instead, large organizations endorse presidential candidates and manipulate stories and situations in order to improve the viability of their candidate.

Regardless of who you plan to vote for, we should all strive for fairness, for people with character and a system of integrity.   Sadly it appears as though those may be things of the past.

OpsLens Staff

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