Donald Trump Says Political Polls Are Bogus, Cites Liberal Media’s Plan to Suppress the Vote

Donald Trump and many political statisticians believe the Republican candidate isn’t as worse for wear as many of the national polls might suggest.  While nearly all major polls have Hillary Clinton in the lead, Trump maintains that it is an effort by the DNC and liberal media to keep Republican voters from the polls, operating under the assumption that they have already lost. Some have compared the current situation to the 1980 election between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, where some polls placed Reagan down by as much as 8% in the weeks leading up to the election.  Reagan won in a landslide victory.  Whether a similar occurrence will happen on November 8th is yet to be determined.  One thing is for certain though, regardless of political leaning, it is important that you get out and vote on November 8th.

OpsLens Staff

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