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Ecuador Confirms ‘They’ Cut WikiLeaks’ Founder Julian Assange’s Internet

By OpsLens Staff:

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The government of Ecuador confirmed on Tuesday that they did in fact cut internet access for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.  The move came amid heightened tensions between Republicans and Democrats and shortly after the release of new emails that discussed Hillary Clinton’s private speeches to Goldman Sachs.  Information that was contrary to rhetoric from the Clinton campaign.

It is unknown, although extremely coincidental, on whether the U.S. had any involvement in the severance of internet access for Assange. It should be noted however that a sitting Democratic President, who has outwardly expressed his support for Mrs. Clinton, has the ability to leverage U.S.-Ecuadorian relations with such small favors.

While both the current administration and the government of Ecuador claim no foul play occurred, our understanding of how levers are pulled with our foreign partners for future concessions do evoke some legitimate concerns.

Bottom line: Let the candidates battle it out for voters on a level playing field.  The growing number of concerns that have stemmed from the 2016 election have only further damaged America’s credibility in the international community.

OpsLens Staff

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