Update: Several Investigators in the Clinton Case Say the Presidential Candidate Should Have Been Prosecuted

By OpsLens Staff:
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Investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice have come out and stated that while not all, a majority of those involved in the Hillary Clinton case believe she should have been prosecuted.  It was further stated by investigators that, at minimum, as OpsLens has mentioned time and time again, Mrs. Clinton should lose her security clearance. However, to date there have been no consequences for her actions.

While the call for action by many has political aspirations, this is not meant to be political banter or ranting on the troubled candidate.  Instead this continued sentiment of Clinton losing her clearance is a matter of fact ruling- which would apply to any individual that mishandles classified material.  Do your research and you will find this to be true.  There are plenty of examples in the past couple years alone.

Still, despite countless attempts by the GOP and certain individuals in the justice department, it appears Mrs. Clinton will again be let off the hook.  This is a troubling result for someone who not only has been allowed to continue in her race for the highest seat in the land, but is winning.

One thing that has become abundantly clear from the Clinton classified saga is the fact that she may not have been indicted for her nefarious activity, but America and the mainstream media certainly have been, they just won’t report it.

OpsLens Staff

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