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Update: Federal Authorities Say East Hartford Plane Crash May Be Terror

By OpsLens Staff

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Update: Federal authorities are not ruling out terror after further review of a plane crash in East Hartford, Connecticut on Tuesday.  A twin-engine Piper PA-34 struck a utility pole killing a flight student, Faras Freitekh, and injuring the instructor.  The National Transportation Safety Board’s initial investigation indicated the crash was an intentional act.  Given this information, the case was quickly passed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Information from the initial reports suggest Faras actively tried to take the plane down, however, it remains unclear whether the events played out as described by the flight instructor.  While the target is unclear, if was it was indeed terrorism, a major defense contractor, Pratt & Whitney’s corporate headquarters were in the vicinity of the crash.

What this means to you:

The event jives with extremists’, such as ISIS, new modus operandi of utilizing small scale attacks to incite terror across the globe.  Such events continue to be on the rise and sadly are extremely difficult to prevent, thus keeping the U.S. in reaction mode at home.

OpsLens Staff

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