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Russia Planning to Make Permanent Naval Base in Syria

By OpsLens Staff:

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As internal Russian discussions continue about a possible return to Cuba, the growingly antagonistic administration has stated that they plan to make their naval base in Tartus, Syria a permanent facility. The base marks another stake in the ground with Russia’s top Middle East ally, Syria, and throws mud in the face of the U.S. who continues to determine how to address concerns within the war-torn country without further escalating matters with their long time foe.

With the battle for Mosul imminent, and likely to fall the way of Iraqi Security Forces, the only remaining hub for ISIS will be in Raqqah, Syria.  By all accounts the battle for Raqqah, in a traditional sense – based upon skills and technology alone, would benefit the U.S.-backed rebel forces.  However, given the political quagmire that exists within the country, it is now hard to to tell how or when such a battle will occur, and more importantly what the fallout will be.

OpsLens Staff

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