Hillary Clinton’s Health: Could Hillary Clinton Be too Sick to continue?

By Ryan Kurpess

According to The New York Post, almost 80 percent of voters are aware of this issue and over 40 percent say that Hillary Clinton’s health is below average. While less than 30 percent of these voters consider Hillary to be healthy, only 22 percent of them believe that she is above average or in excellent condition.

The now 68 year old Democratic nominee has a history of medical ailments ranging from a blood clot on her brain in 2012 to a recent seizure which was caught on camera. It was recently reported through RadarOnline.com that Hillary is in the early stages of what might be considered multiple sclerosis. Considering Hillary’s history of falls, short seizures, and fatigue, MS is not out of the question since these are often symptoms for someone in the early stages. Additional symptoms include numbness, weakness, muscle stiffness, memory loss and blurred vision, which may explain the recent photograph of Hillary wearing prism based sun glasses. If MS was in-fact the case here, it would be a horrible blow to the Democrats considering the disease is incurable. The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation estimates that the disease affects more than 400,000 people across the United States and over 2.5 million people on a worldwide scale. Though MS is the most widespread disabling neurological condition of young adults, it can be developed at any age and is rarely predictable. And, according to the upcoming book “Unlikeable – The Problem With Hillary” not only are these accusations true, but they have left Hillary and the entire Democratic party second guessing the chances of her becoming President. Many people believe that either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders would take over for the Democrats in the event that Hillary could not continue.

Prior incidents are listed below:

  • 2005: Hillary Clinton faints during a speech in Buffalo, NY
  • 2009: Hillary Clinton breaks her elbow after an unexplained “fall” that took place in a U.S. State Department Garage
  • 2011: Hillary Clinton collapses after struggling to board a plane in Yemen
  • 2012: Hillary Clinton falls and suffers a concussion while being hospitalized for 3 days

While Hillary’s health remains a concern for voters, views on Donald Trump’s health have hardly changed. The New York Post recently reported that more than 35 percent of voters questioned in a nation wide survey believe that Donald Trump’s health is actually above average or excellent. Additionally, roughly 70 percent of Republicans and 16 percent of Democrats believe that Clinton’s health is either below average or very poor.

More in depth statistics show that 69 percent of Republicans, 23 percent of Democrats, and 44 percent of Independents believe that Hillary’s health would negatively impact her ability to serve. Forty-three percent said her health concerns would not affect her ability, 13% were unsure, and more than 50% believes she has been untruthful when discussing her health with the public.

Hillary’s “Handler”

During rallies and appearances, a large African-American man has been seen with Hillary. In addition to calming her down during “deer in the headlight” moments at speeches, he also seems to be carrying what many believe to be an auto-ejector pen with Diazepam. Diazepam is a controlled substance which is often used to treat people with anxiety, muscle spasms, or seizures and can affect chemicals in the brain once injected. Since being spoken of, this man has disappeared from Hillary’s side and is nowhere to be found.

The History Of Hidden Illnesses

Though health issues are more difficult to keep under wraps now, hidden illnesses amongst politicians have been somewhat common throughout history. According to U.S. News (www.usnews.com), Presidential illnesses have been hidden since 1789 when President Washington had a tumor removed from his leg. The tumor was located in Washington’s left thigh and taken out in an attempt to hide things from the public. John F. Kennedy hid the severity of a World War II derived back injury, President Lincoln hid the fact that he was diagnosed with smallpox, Woodrow Wilson hid the fact that he had a stroke, Warren Harding hid a heart disease, Dwight Eisenhower downplayed the severity of a heart attack that he suffered while in office, and President Cleveland hid the fact that he had surgery to cure cancer on a friend’s yacht before disappearing for four consecutive days during his second term.

When questioned on National Security during the most recent debate, Hillary Clinton stated that (if elected President) she would make sure all U.S. citizens were secure. While engagement in warfare is not preferred, Clinton said that she would ensure the protection of all U.S. citizens by increasing airstrikes on ISIS and safely guarding against cyber attacks. However, if Hillary is in-fact suffering from a disease with such severe symptoms, protecting her own health should be top priority.

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